American Media Silence on What is REALLY Going On


The last thing the American media wants to show you is the way the government of the Netherlands is trying to starve Europe and exterminate their farmers at the same time, in the name of global warming prevention. The Dutch farmers are fighting back, with solidarity from their counterparts in Germany, Italy, Spain and Poland but the MSM doesn’t want to give the disgruntled American mid-west any ideas.

Network media cover up

The media silence in America is deafening. In order to cut the nitrogen pollution in half, the Netherlands decided to put half their farmers out of business. They’re also seizing the opportunity to buy up all that newly liberated land, so they can put houses for immigrants on it.

Meanwhile, nobody has any idea how to supply the entire European continent with food. Nobody, that is, except Bill Gates and the people who want you to eat insects for protein.

The government freely admits that “the honest message” is that “not all farmers can continue their business.” In response, for over a month, “these Dutch farmers have protested government policies forcing them to wreak havoc on the nation’s agricultural industry.

They shut down the distribution network forcing grocery store shelves to go bare. They burned hay bales in the street and sprayed smelly fertilizer on the homes and offices of government leaders. The American media is ignoring it all.

A disruption like this is guaranteed to “exacerbate food shortages caused by the Ukraine-Russia war throughout the European Union and other parts of the world.

Even so, the Federalist writes, “aside from a couple of general rundown articles from Reuters and ABC News, the American media has failed to report on the Dutch farmers’ concerns in any depth, much less address the implications the protests, and the climate policies that triggered them, have for the Netherlands and the rest of the world.


Opposed to pollution cuts

What measly coverage the American media did produce was focused like a laser on the way the farmers are opposing “pollution cuts,” the Dirty bleepards.

The Dutch government, they write, is only trying to “protect human health and vulnerable natural habitats from pollution in the form of nitrogen oxides and ammonia.” And starving half of Europe to do it. They don’t tell you that part. Up until now, the Dutch farmers were considered a model of “efficient and sustainable agriculture.” Don’t all those windmills count for anything?

When the truckers took over Canada last winter, the American media threw their weight behind rainbow sock wearing Justin Trudeau and his draconian Covid mandate restrictions. This time, they aren’t breathing a word because it “would hurt their ability to fearmonger about the climate.

Just like the Freedom Convoy truckers, “tens of thousands” of farmers across the Netherlands held tractor convoys. They “brought traffic in the center of the country to a standstill.” In Canada the truckers were all over the U.S. News. The American People’s Convoy didn’t get nearly as much press but they got some. Meanwhile nobody is broadcasting a single word about the farmer protests on American airwaves.

Throwing their weight behind the vaccine mandates was easy. All they had to do was cover whatever Justin Trudeau had to say. Taking a side on this one will bite them in the butt either way. David Harsanyi is on record about the way media outlets, for years, have “enabled destructive climate change hysteria.” They promote Green New Deal policies and run “sham polls claiming climate change is a top priority for voters.” They can’t turn around now and look like hypocrites.

If corporate media show the world that so-called green policies will hurt their food supply and ravage the lives of tens of thousands of hardworking people like the Dutch farmers, they might not only lose even more credibility with Americans than they already have, but also inadvertently bolster the case that climate policies like the ones adopted by the Netherlands will be disastrous.


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