Adam Schiff Ordered Facebook to…


Elon Musk’s Earth-shattering decision to end Twitter censorship of constitutionally protected free speech has Democrats totally terrified. Shifty Adam Schiff has entered full panic mode. He teamed up with “some of the greatest advocates” of thought suppression on Capitol Hill to warn Facebook “specifically” NOT “to follow Twitter in restoring free speech to its platform.

Schiff demands censorship

Censorship is a very serious matter to Adam Schiff. He’s not upset that Americans are the victims of heavy handed thought police. Schiff and his cronies demand more of the abuse. Prison terms might be at stake. For them. Fox News reports the panicking progressives spelled out the consequences in “a chilling letter.

Besides Schiff, it was signed by alleged lawmakers André Carson and Kathy Castor. They managed to get so-called “Senator” Sheldon Whitehouse to endorse the warning, as well. The oath of office sworn by each of them was nothing but a distraction.

As Fox writes, “Facebook was given a not-so-subtle threat that reducing its infamous censorship system will invite congressional action.” Block and blacklist anyone and anything the FBI tell you to. If not, expect subpoenas as Democrats crawl up your nether regions with a microscope.

That’s a non-warning because Republicans are going to do that anyway. The letter was aimed at Meta’s president of global affairs, Nick Clegg “as part of our ongoing oversight efforts.” Schiff was even nice enough to provide his “telephone number to discuss Facebook’s compliance.

Democrats are well aware that Republican investigations are already opening because they regained control of the House. As soon as the new Congress convenes, it’s going to be a free-for-all over censorship, election interference and Biden family crime.

Schiff and his co-conspirators “are trying to force Facebook to ‘recommit‘ to censoring opposing views and to make election censorship policies permanent.

Misinformation policies

Misinformation is whatever Democrats slap the label down on and has nothing to do with actual “truth.” That’s why the censorship mafia warns they “may be forced to exercise oversight.” Shouldn’t they have been doing that all along?

Some say that’s their job but they quiet quit long ago to lurk in the Deep State shadows and do the bidding of their evil overlords in Brussels. Facebook better not even think about thinking about a move to “alter or rollback certain misinformation policies.

The letter spells out that along with general censorship of anything which seems even remotely conservative, Facebook must “preserve its bans on figures like former President Donald Trump.” All right wing commentators are banned and don’t even think about letting a doctor speak, especially if they’re against things like vaccine mandates or lockdowns.

They keep insisting they have “science” to back those opinions and that’s “misinformation” to those of the Democrat persuasion. Hunter Biden never owned a laptop and Joe Biden had no benefit at all from any of those meetings with Chinese Communist officials. Everybody knows that. Spreading false rumors can get you in serious congressional trouble.

They also want “Facebook to expand its censorship overall.” There is soon to be a whole lot of “misinformation” coming out of the expected Republican hearings. All that will need to be quashed and replaced with posts about Donald Trump’s ongoing collusion with Russia.

The reason they have to crack down so hard, the thought police explain, is because “unlike other major social media platforms, Meta’s policies do not prohibit posts that make unsubstantiated claims about voter fraud.” That policy needs to be changed pronto or the IRS will open an audit file on every board member and exec in the company. The last thing Schiff wants is a conversation on election fraud because everyone knows it was fraudulent.


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