American Family Goes Missing in Cartel Territory, Biden SILENT


Nobody has seen the family since June 13 and it’s looking pretty grim. Everyone is still holding out hope they may yet be rescued alive. The San Antonio division of the FBI ramped things up in a high profile investigation on Friday, June 25, by calling for help from the public. The bureau won’t be able to locate Gladys Cristina Perez Sanchez and her kids without a whole lot of help.

Family suddenly vanishes

On that fateful Sunday nearly two weeks ago, Gladys, age 39, and her two children, 16-year-old John Carlos Gonzalez and 9-year-old Michelle Cristina Duran, left the Mexican town of Sabinas Hidalgo, Nuevo Leon, where they had been visiting a “sick relative.”

The family unit was headed home to Laredo as scheduled and haven’t been heard from since.

The FBI is relatively certain that the American family “went missing along the Monterrey-Nuevo Laredo Highway.” Everyone should be on the lookout for a lemon yellow “2014 Chevrolet Sonic with Texas license plates NBX-4740.”

Ms. Sanchez, “an employee of the Laredo school district,” is described as “approximately 5 feet in height with brown eyes and long black hair. She was last seen wearing a green polo shirt and blue jeans.”

The teenage boy, John Gonzalez, “has brown eyes and short red hair.” He’s around “5’8″ tall and was last seen wearing a blue t-shirt. Duran has brown eyes and long black curly hair.

She’s approximately 4’10” tall; authorities believe she was wearing a striped t-shirt at the time of her disappearance.” Sanchez, the bureau relates, “requires daily medication and her health could be at risk due to her disappearance. Agents are convinced the family was headed home and nowhere else.

To breathe death

The White House hasn’t said a single word because “gunmen from the Los Zetas cartel are likely responsible for the disappearance of the family.” Having American status used to be good for some embassy involvement at the very least.

They should have covered the 80 mile drive home in about an hour and a half but they never arrived. Calls go straight to voice mail.


Everybody knows that the “stretch of road the family was traveling on is infamous for cartel attacks and abductions.” Then again, so are all the other roads leading to the border. As soon as the missing Americans were reported, “Mexican officials in the state issued notices and began to look for the missing Americans.”

The cartels are feeling the pinch from legalized weed in Arizona and aren’t making any money smuggling illegals, because Biden lets them walk in. Starving banditos are getting bolder. Just days ago, “professional cartel gunmen ambushed an ammo convoy loaded down with 7 million rounds bound for the United States.” The cartel won. Somehow they managed to carry off the “cache of deadly munitions” but nobody guarding them “was hurt in this heist.” Hmm.

To make up for some of the lost revenue, the cartels took their “extortion, murder and drug trade” on the road, moving “to the north of the country as criminals prey on the masses of people migrating to the U.S. border.”

The caravans are juicy targets “for human traffickers” and just like what probably happened to the missing family, unwary migrants “are often left to a horrific fate in the inhospitable southwest scrublands.” Locals say don’t do it. “To travel through the highways of the north of the country is to breathe death.”


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