Federal Judge Rules Against CDC


A Federal Judge in Florida has blown the massive overreach of the Biden-Harris regime’s CDC (Center for Disease Control) out of the water. In a ruling on June 18th in favor of the State of Florida and Governor Ron DeSantis, U.S. District Judge Steven Merryday confirmed the Sunshine State’s argument in his 124-page ruling that has devastated the CDC’s blatant power-grab over the Cruise industry.

“This order finds that Florida is highly likely to prevail on the merits of the claim that CDC’s conditional sailing order and the implementing orders exceed the authority delegated to the CDC,” Merryday wrote.

The Judge Rules and The CDC Gets Taken To School

In his Friday ruling, Judge Merryday approved a preliminary injunction suspending “mandatory guidelines” (Note: is a “mandatory guideline” still a guideline?) and wrote that the CDC is “preliminary enjoined from enforcing against a cruise ship arriving in, within, or departing from a port in Florida the conditional sailing order and the later measures.” The injunction is valid until July 18th after which it becomes “only a non-binding ‘consideration,’ ‘recommendation’ or ‘guideline,’” as is the case for other industries such as restaurants, railroads and hotels, according to the ruling.” according to The Hill.

Judge Merryday slammed the CDC for their massive overreach, writing,

“Never has CDC conditioned pratique as extensively and burdensomely as the conditional sailing order; and never has CDC imposed restrictions that have summarily dismissed the effectiveness of state regulation and halted for an extended time an entire multi-billion dollar industry nationwide.” 

“In a word, never has CDC implemented measures as extensive, disabling, and exclusive as those under review in this action,”

Governor DeSantis Takes His Victory Lap

Governor Ron DeSantis issued a statement following the ruling, praising Judge Merryday’s decision and laying bare the Biden-Harris regime’s ultimate goal: the elimination of the cruise industry from Florida, to punish the Sunshine state for failing to comply with Washington’s COVID19 demands. There was even a little nugget extra in the ruling which strikes down any notion that the Federal Government can require vaccine passports.. NICE!

The statement read,

“The CDC has been wrong all along, and they knew it,” said Governor Ron DeSantis.

“The CDC and the Biden Administration concocted a plan to sink the cruise industry, hiding behind bureaucratic delay and lawsuits. Today, we are securing this victory for Florida families, for the cruise industry, and for every state that wants to preserve its rights in the face of unprecedented federal overreach.”

Included in the ruling, the Middle District Court of Florida found that:

  • The CDC cannot discriminately keep children and families from cruising;
  • Neither the CDC, nor any federal agency, can require a vaccine passport; and
  • The CDC must create an actual framework for businesses to resume operations, rather than forcing them to conduct burdensome and bureaucratic tests without any standard by which to be measured.



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