American Cities are Liberating from Totalitarian Biden Regime


‘The Great Political Migration’ and increased talk and motion toward secession are picking up steam nationwide as greater division takes hold in our society. The phenomenon has spread to local forms of government as well, and municipalities across the country are fracturing under the weight of a new realization: people with diametrically opposing views no longer want to live together. There’s a legal term for this in divorce courts: “Irreconcilable differences” and it’s liberating.

Increasingly radical leftists and fed-up conservatives and libertarians just don’t want to be stuck living under the other side’s rules anymore. States, Counties, Cities, and towns are starting to fracture.

The Daily Wire reports, “Anyone who crosses below the 50% mark is left out in the cold as second-class citizens. That’s left huge geographical swaths of people feeling like they’re living under the thumb of people with little in common with them, from the eastern Oregon counties who are tired of being ignored by a Portland-dominated legislature and want to move the state border so they’re part of Idaho, to Austin liberals surrounded by swaths of red in Texas.”

“Some had an idea: like the founding fathers, boldly declaring independence and establishing a new government of and for the people, one controlled close to home rather than trying to broker peace with people many miles away as part of a geographically large one.”

Local Secessions Are Stacking Up Americans Are Liberating Themselves

Liberating Eastern Oregon

As written in The GOP Times, “On May 18th the votes for secession were counted and amazingly the results were in favor of conservatives breaking away from the government that has been alternatively neglectful and abusive to them. In the state of Oregon, five rural counties have voted to consider breaking away from the government in Portland to join Idaho. ”

The “Greater Idaho Movement” has been picking up steam since at least February, which isn’t surprising given that in the wake of the 2020 election when you’d expect the leftist rioters in Portland to chill out, instead they spilled over into the much more conservative suburbs as Antifa very clearly said they didn’t want Biden either.


Liberating Texas

Politicians in Texas have been pushing for a state-wide referendum to gauge the electorate’s support for an Independent Texas. The 2021 version of the bill died in committee, but it is certain to resurface when the Texas Legislature reconvenes on Jan 10, 2023. Meanwhile, the grassroots in Texas are getting organized.  An associated petition for a “Texit” vote is also up to 19,192 signatures as of this writing.


According to The Daily Wire, two different areas near Atlanta have seen major moves to secede. They wrote,

“In Atlanta, the wealthy Buckhead neighborhood funds much of the city, but patience is wearing thin with a city government that seems to have nothing in common with them — taking their money, declining to prosecute shoplifting in their stores, and leaving their residents the target of vicious attacks.

A group in Buckhead wants a “divorce” from Atlanta, and legislation has been introduced that would amount to the neighborhood seceding from Atlanta and forming its own government, Buckhead City, with its own tax structure and police force.”

The second area is a city called Sandy Springs that actually succeeded in 2005 in spite of 35 years of fending off Atlanta’s attempts to annex them. ” The new city established its own police and fire departments and in a particularly unusual move hired several private firms to provide most other city services. Since then, Sandy Springs has enjoyed a population boom.”

It’s becoming clearer every day, with efforts taking place from Westchester County, New York to Spokane, Washington, that leftist and conservative ways of life are simply: incompatible. The American people must be free to live as they wish, where they wish and with whom they wish. We are a free people and must sometimes live free of each other.


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