With Numbers Like THIS, How Can They Expect Us to Believe He Won?


The numbers tell the story of an illegitimate President. The Biden-Harris regime trotted out the elderly figure-head for what was definitively NOT a “State of the Union” address rather an address to what they unironically tried to call a “joint-session of Congress”. All of this careful framing was no doubt to avoid the comparison you’re about to see between Biden’s first address and President Trump’s first State of The Union.

Hannity.com reported on the ratings that belie any delusions of legitimacy the Biden-Harris regime might have had.

“According to industry insiders, just 11.6 million people watched Joe’s speech Wednesday night, down from 37.2 million for Donald Trump.”

Ooof. and Ryan Fournier of Students For Trump nails it. And if you’re looking for a fact-check we have it for you right here. Suffice to say it was bad… really bad. While Ted Cruz caught some flak for seemingly dozing off during the proceedings, Sen. Tim Scott‘s rebuttal was far more energetic. He severely rebuked the left and stated firmly “America is not a racist country.”.

Even Manipulating the Numbers, They Still Lose

Bear in mind: these absolutely sub-basement level numbers are AFTER YouTube has fluffed them and worked their algorithmic magic to pump up Biden. Last month 81m.org exposed the bold faced manipulation of YouTube viewing stats, likes and dislikes according to Patriot United News,

“Biden’s Regime was getting so many terrible reviews on their videos, they turned off comments and Youtube was actually removing dislikes from Whitehouse videos so that he and his staff would appear to be more liked than they actually are.”

81m.org was created referencing the supposed 81 million votes Joe Biden received. The site monitors the White House Youtube channel under the logic that “Such a popular president should have some truly epic YouTube numbers. Let’s keep track. I’m sure we won’t see anything weird happening, such as dislikes being thrown out in the wee hours of the morning.” Even going so far as to cite USA Today’s dubious claim,

“It is true that Biden won the most votes cast for a U.S. presidential candidate, amassing about 81 million votes.”

How is it possible that the most popularly elected President OF ALL TIME could have such a bone-cold reception on platforms which are being confimably, deliberately manipulated to favor him? President Trump has be deplatformed by every mainstream social media platform, the leftist media has worked full-tilt for five years to discredit him and malign him and he’s STILL more of a draw with YouTube videos that feature him garnering hundred of thousands more views before they’re ripped down by Google. Short answer: it isn’t possible.

The Biden-Harris Regime Don’t Know What They’ve Unleased

Some suggest that the discrepancy is because the left have “gone back to sleep” while simultaneously talking about riots in Portland and Minneapolis, as joblessness soars and the volatility of American cities skyrockets. No, they aren’t asleep, they’re angry, and they’re ignoring a feckless, useless regime.

The scariest thing is that the Biden-Harris regime is so terrified of supposed “White Supremacists” and “Right Wing Domestic Terrorists” that they don’t see the real threat right beside them.

They believe the have BLM and Antifa safely leashed at their side, but the collars have slipped off and their dogs are hungrily gazing at their would-be master’s throats, dangerously exposed to them.




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