CDC Basically Says Vaccines are Pointless


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, existing vaccines are pointless because coronavirus is mutating faster than the COVID-19 vaccine can keep up with. “These vaccines operate really well in protecting us from severe disease and death,” CDC Director Rochelle Walensky explains. The big concern is that the next variant could potentially evade our vaccines. Liberals are going spastic.

CDC nervous about mutants

Right now, Walensky assures, we’re not at the point where the vaccines quit working. For a while longer, they will “operate really well in protecting us from severe disease and death.” The big headache for the CDC is the “Delta variant.” It started in India and has been “surging in the US and across the globe.”

Progressives have been blaming the spike on people who refuse to get the vaccine but Moderna just admitted that even those who had both shots can expect to catch the Delta mutation because the vaccine doesn’t work against it.

The CDC admitted that it doesn’t matter if you were vaccinated or not because everyone infected with Delta has “higher viral loads” compared to other versions of coronavirus. “That means even vaccinated people could pass the virus along to others.”

Liberals don’t want to hear that. Getting the shots are the magic ticket to everything. How can they use vaccine passports to control the movement of people if the vaccine is useless. The Gestapo doesn’t like the idea of not being able to issue travel papers and work permits.

It’s totally normal for viruses to mutate. Little mistakes in copies of the DNA add up to “a new, dangerous variant.” The biggest concern “at the moment” to the CDC “is just the sheer number of people that have the virus and therefore the sheer number of variants that are being generated.”

According to Andrew Read, who studies the evolution of infectious diseases at Pennsylvania State University, “some of those might be the jackpot which are even fitter than Delta.”

Increased risk of hospitalization

As related by the CDC, none of the other variants are as concerning as Delta, “which was first identified in India this winter.”

The WHO is ready to send it to the Olympics, recently calling Delta “the ‘fittest’ variant to date, since it spreads more easily and may lead to more severe cases and an increased risk of hospitalization than other variants like Alpha, the variant discovered in the UK.”

Health officials at the CDC and other organizations agree that “Delta is already the most transmissible variant.” As the mutation specialist notes, “it could still acquire combinations of mutations that make it even better at spreading.” Think of it as a “Delta-plus” variant.

Another headache for the virologists is the possibility of two mutations breeding with each other. “two separate variants — Delta and Alpha, for instance — could combine their mutations to produce an even more infectious strain.”

It’s not surprising that vaccine blends all target the “coronavirus’ spike protein, the sharp, crown-like bumps on the surface of the virus that help it invade our cells.” That’s the part where all the “gain-of-function” research happened and where all the slice and dice gene splicing occurred.

What worries the CDC is the possibility that “the antibodies induced by the vaccines might not be able to recognize or properly fight the new variant.” Variations which sneak past our immune defenses are called “escape mutants.” They’re on the way soon. “Full vaccine escape viruses, we’re not necessarily that far away from them,” Ravindra Gupta, a microbiology professor at the University of Cambridge warns.


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