America Is RUNNING OUT…Only DAYS Left


America is running out of diesel. The Imperial Palace couldn’t keep a lid on their failed efforts to avert disaster and the public just learned that we only have 25 day’s supply left, as of October 24.

Sorry, no diesel

Yet another crisis is brewing in America. We’re running out of diesel fuel. Seriously. Washington Post just got around to reporting that oh, by the way, we only have enough left to last the next 25 days.

The handlers of Joe Biden can’t do a single thing about it because it would mean admitting that Democrats and their Agenda 2030 energy policies are the root cause of the problem. Americans can do something about it but they won’t get off the couch to go for a walk. They’ll really regret it when we’re all walking later.

A month from now, when you sit down to Thanksgiving dinner, the big topic around the table will be how to keep from freezing to death if we don’t starve first. No diesel means no heat for the parts of America which need it the most, It also means no fuel for trucks to deliver groceries anywhere else.

That ought to be a big selling point for voting Republican in November but winning majority of a dying nation is what’s called a “Pyrrhic victory.” Where you think you won but end up holding the bag.

The liberal media keeps trying to shield the incompetent Biden regime from criticism for causing the diesel drought. When the trucks stop rolling and the furnace stops burning you can blame it all on “backwardation.”

Don’t blame Joe and his New World Order puppet masters, the Post insists. He did everything he can to avert the crisis and, since it can’t be solved with a dish of ice cream, it was simply too big for him. After all, he is almost 80, you know. The Chinese or Russians will probably run America much better, next year.

What’s happening

The Washington Post has to break things down in little pieces for their progressive readers. At the top of their list is “What’s happening.” They make the impending catastrophe seem like a minor inconvenience.

The country is down to 25 days of diesel supply with stockpiles at their lowest level for this time of year in records going back to 1993,” they admit, to get it out of the way. That’s a big deal for the Northeast, they acknowledge, “where more people burn fuel for home heating than anywhere else in the country.

Without mentioning that means people are going to starve and freeze to death this winter, they agree with their pet expert, National Economic Council Director Brian Deese. He thinks the levels in our reserves are “unacceptably low.

Prices of diesel grade fuel are going through the roof, they admit. In a little over three weeks it’s going to be “priceless.” That’s a line even Jimmy Carter didn’t cross.

Blame it on backwardation. That and contango. Anything but progressive energy policies. Those funky and confusing names relate to “curve structures that map traders’ guesses about what a given contract will be worth in the future.” Most of us can ignore all that because there is a simple bottom line at the end. “Diesel supplies have also tightened due to a steady decline in East Coast refining capacity in recent years.” Because of liberal policies. There is only one thing Joe can do. Tap the strategic reserve of diesel.

The administration could release 1 million barrels of fuel from its strategic fuel reserves in the Northeast. That could help the region in a pinch, but the relatively small volume available in the diesel reserve means the relief won’t last very long: At the current national demand level, 1 million barrels of fuel will be gone in less than 6 hours.” Start stockpiling the blankets now.


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