Flatly Illegal: That’s the Part Everyone is Totally Ignoring


It’s “flatly illegal,” Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen declares. “That’s the part that everyone just seems to be ignoring here.” The consortium of Deep State interests called themselves “American Prairie,” which sounds harmless enough. There is a really interesting character behind it all, too. We’ve warned you before that Hansjörg Wyss seemed to be up to something shady.

The only problem is it’s illegal

Quiet, unassuming Swiss billionaire Hansjörg Wyss is the driving force behind the “American Prairie” conservation project in Montana. There’s a matching fund to go with it, of course.

The group of progressive conservationists managed to purchase “more than 450,000 acres of land” and nobody noticed. The billionaire donors had more than a little help from the federal government to do it, too. That’s sort of surprising because the whole basis for the scheme is illegal.

Apparently laws don’t matter in the post-constitutional America overseen by Imperial Leader Joe Biden. Not when New World Order ideals like Agenda 2030 and the Great Reset are involved. This “little-known project,” Fox News writes, “aims to create the largest ‘fully functioning ecosystem‘ in the continental U.S. by stitching together about 3.2 million acres of private and public lands.

That doesn’t sound so bad until you find out why, and the why used to be illegal. Farmers and ranchers didn’t need those particular “453,188 acres of land throughout central Montana.” Sure, they were “once used for farming and grazing” but those things won’t be around much longer.

Their mission, Pete Geddes relates, “is to assemble the largest complex of public and private lands devoted to wildlife in the lower 48.” He happens to be the project’s vice president and chief external relations officer. “For comparison, about 25% larger than Yellowstone.

He makes their illegal plot seem so harmless and serene, which is why he gets the big bucks. “We’re not asking the federal government to create anything, we’re not asking the federal government for any money. Instead, we’re engaged in private philanthropy and voluntary exchange by buying ranches from people who would like to sell that to us.” Sure, the Biden handlers assure, go right ahead do whatever you want.

Less conflict over conservation

The whole area is wide open empty. The lack of people with any interest in the project’s land made it a whole lot easier to grease the illegal project through. “It’s an area that doesn’t have a lot of people in it and has been depopulating for a long, long time,” Geddes said.

So, the thinking was, perhaps there’s greater potential for less conflict over conservation in this part of the world.” Once people started taking a hard look, the picture suddenly didn’t seem so rosy.

Along with Wyss, John Mars, “heir to the Mars candy fortune,” and Susan Packard Orr, “daughter of the Hewlett-Packard Co. co-founder” forked over big piles of money and can’t wait to see the project bear fruit. Deceased German retail mogul Erivan Haub chipped in but won’t be running things.

Everything was going smooth until the group recently ran into “increasing pushback from top state officials and local ranchers who argue such a nature reserve would remove key land from production and negatively impact surrounding privately-owned lands.” As part of the wheeling and dealing, the group “leased another 334,000 acres of public land owned primarily by the federal government.” That’s where things start getting sneaky and illegal.

Those donors are able to write those contributions off as a charitable donation, so they don’t have to live with the consequences of what they’re doing to these communities,” explains Chuck Denowh, the policy director at the United Property Owners of Montana. “It’s really concerning that we have such an amount of foreign money coming into AP to buy up our ag land. For the future of food security of this country, we need to take a close look at that.” Darn skippy, just ask any farmer in the Netherlands right now. The biggest way to fight the project is by tackling it’s main priority, the release of wild bison.

Along with the opportunity to “witness the majestic species,” comes brucellosis to infect surrounding livestock. Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen was jumping up and down when Fox asked him. “It’s just flatly illegal. This is federal land that is specifically — by the Taylor Grazing Act, by federal law — set aside for livestock grazing. Bison are not livestock, even under federal law. That’s the part that everyone just seems to be ignoring here. AP doesn’t want to admit that, certainly the Bureau of Land Management and the Department of Interior don’t want to admit that. But that’s just the fact.


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