ALERT: Deep State Now Targeting Military Members Who Don’t Conform to ‘The Agenda’


The Deep State bureaucrat most reviled by the right and idolatrously worshipped by the left in America: Dr. Anthony Fauci has made headlines yet again. This time the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases is targeting our military families saying that our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen; men and women with more honor than he could possibly fathom are “being part of the problem” if they refuse to toe-the-line and take the COVID19 vaccine.

According to Forbes, Fauci

“urged them to trust the experts who cleared the vaccines and follow public health guidelines, as the U.S. military is one of a number of frontline professions reporting startlingly high rates of vaccine refusal, despite clear evidence that the vaccines are safe and effective. “

Deep State Lecturing Our Military on “societal obligation”.

Dr. Fauci dared to lecture the men and women who risk their lives daily to preserve, protect and defend the United States of America on their “societal obligation”.

“You’ve got to think of your own health, which is really very important, but you got to think about your societal obligation,” Fauci said at a virtual town hall for Blue Star Families, a non-profit focused on helping military families. 

With all due respect (such as it is) to federal employees and so-called public servants like Dr. Fauci, none of us who haven’t worn the uniform have any moral standing at all to lecture a member of our military or law enforcement about their “societal obligation”. With so many of our countrymen pathetically unwilling to bother even voting let alone risking their own skin for our nation this type of tone-deaf, presumptuous, pompous, arrogance tells you everything you need to know about the current Biden-Harris regime which Fauci finds himself much more comfortably employed by.

Congress Discusses Making COVID Vaccine Mandatory for the Military reported in February that “Almost One-Third of US Troops Are Refusing COVID Vaccines, Officials say. Rep. Trent Kelly, (R-MS)., a major general in the Army National Guard, said a voluntary vaccination approach “just doesn’t make sense if we are saying the vaccine is safe.”

Kelly proposed drafting legislation that would allow the vaccine to be mandatory if given emergency use authorization. “Do you think it would be helpful if we change that in Congress, so that [it] can be — may be, not shall be — mandatory to service members?” Kelly asked.

Rep. Mark Green, (R-TN)., a retired Army flight surgeon who served in Afghanistan and Iraq, objected to Kelly’s proposal, saying that “full-blown research” needed to be done before “we saddled our warriors with an experimental medication.”

“Legislation was passed to prevent the use of any experimental medication on an active-duty soldier. … I think it’s a bad idea to change it,” Green said.

It is disconcerting that this concept came from our Congress, let alone Republican members and veterans for that matter, but it is a great relief that a field soldier’s common sense won out. The rushed vaccine should be an individual choice given the survivability of the virus and median age of our serving military of 34.5 years old


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