Shocking New Study Points to Where Covid Originated


Following the World Health Organization announcement that the “Lab Origin” theory on the Wuhan-COVID19 virus was “extremely unlikely”, a shocking new study has emerged that refutes the WHO’s regurgitated Chinese propaganda. And yet another tragic, costly case of the Chinese Government under Xi Jinping covering up the truth.

According to,

“The study, was overseen by Professor Dr. Roland Wiesendanger, a world renowned nanotechnology expert, and three-time awardee of the European Research Council Advanced Grant.

It concludes that that “both the number and quality of the circumstantial evidence point to a laboratory accident at the virological institute in the city of Wuhan as the cause of the current pandemic.”

Details from the Shocking Study

Dr. Wiesendanger said the interdisciplinary study from January-December 2020 was based on “scientific literature, articles in print and online media, and personal communication with international colleagues.” Wiesendanger stated further that “It does not provide highly scientific evidence, but it does provide ample and serious circumstantial evidence”

According to a Press Release from the Universität Hamburg (University of Hamburg) the key points of the study are,

  • In contrast to earlier coronavirus-related epidemics such as SARS and MERS, until today, i.e. well over a year after the outbreak of the current pandemic, no intermediate host has been identified that has enabled the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 pathogens from bats to humans could. The zoonosis theory as a possible explanation for the pandemic therefore has no sound scientific basis.
  • The SARS-CoV-2 viruses can couple surprisingly well to human cell receptors and penetrate human cells. This is made possible by special cell receptor binding domains connected to a special (furin) cleavage site of the coronavirus spike protein. Both properties together were previously unknown in coronaviruses and indicate a non-natural origin of the SARS-CoV-2 pathogen.
  • Bats were not offered at the suspected fish market in central Wuhan City. In the virological institute of the city of Wuhan, however, there is one of the world’s largest collections of bat pathogens, which originate from distant caves in southern Chinese provinces. It is extremely unlikely that bats would have made their way naturally to Wuhan from this distance of nearly 2,000 km and then triggered a worldwide pandemic in the immediate vicinity of this virological institute.
  • A research group at the virological institute in the city of Wuhan has carried out genetic manipulations on coronaviruses for many years with the aim of making them more contagious, dangerous and deadly for humans. This is proven by numerous publications in the scientific specialist literature.
  • There were significant safety deficiencies in the virological institute in the city of Wuhan even before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, which are documented.
  • There are numerous direct indications of a laboratory origin for the SARS-CoV-2 pathogen. A young scientist from the virological institute in Wuhan is said to have been infected first. There are also numerous indications that the SARS-CoV-2 pathogen spread from the virological institute in the city of Wuhan and beyond as early as October 2019. There are also indications of a corresponding investigation of the virological institute by the Chinese authorities in the first half of October 2019.

For people who have been paying attention, Dr. Wiesendanger’s study is not what is all that “shocking”. What is really shocking is the world’s continuing banal acceptance of the Chinese Communist Party’s self-serving propaganda perpetuated through their puppets the World Health Organization, the Biden-Harris regime and specifically Dr. Anthony Fauci. This study provides many answers but generates far more questions.

  • How could these rather obvious indications of man-made origin be missed?
  • Why was the earlier origin “October 2019” of COVID hidden?
  • Who benefits from the proliferation of a virus deadliest to elderly and statistically most conservative, traditionalist segment of the global population?
  • Who stands to gain from a panicked younger populace looking for paternalistic leadership on a global scale?

Perhaps someone who needed the mail-in ballot system to be rushed into place before November 2020? Maybe a group dedicated to the end of American sovereignty in favor of a single world government? Things to consider.



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