Alarming Shadow Op Working to Disarm America


Conservative Americans call it a “shadow-op” alarmingly designed to disarm deplorables. Imperial Leader Joe Biden has ordered his cronies in Congress to start the gun grab under the lame old excuse of reducing violence. The first thing lawmakers can do, His Wisdom insists, is bring back the federal assault weapons ban.

Disarm the deplorables

Police aren’t saying why Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa shot up the King Soopers in Boulder but his name speaks volumes and “he was pushed into the court in a wheelchair. He was wearing a white mask over his beard and looked around the courtroom” throughout his initial appearance hearing. The press is painting him as the Osama bin Laden of Colorado.

Banning the weapon he used probably would not have stopped him. Still, the Imperial Palace wants to disarm lawful Americans so they won’t be able shoot back. Not at terrorists in the grocery store, and especially not against the nice people coming to take them away to FEMA camp for being a Trump Supporter.

Democrats are convinced that because President Trump called Covid-19 the “China Virus,” it directly led to the deaths of a bunch of Asian women in Atlanta. They use it as an excuse to disarm everyone. When it turned out the killer was a sex addict, they ignored the facts because they don’t fit the New World Order narrative.

Robert Aaron Long “visited massage parlors for sex, and carried out his attacks as, by his perverse reasoning, vengeance against the parlors as the occasion for his temptation.” Whether the local hookers were White, Black, Brown, or Purple, he would have killed them anyway. Some mental health counseling for those who need it is a better way to spend taxpayer money than taking defensive weapons from law abiding citizens.

Over on the liberal side of the line, the Democrat party wants to disarm each and every American which would deprive millions of “the tools they use for self-defense and hunting.” There’s nothing “compassionate” about it. The FBI did nothing ahead of time to stop the Boulder terrorist.

It turned out he is “a devout Muslim whose family emigrated from Syria.” Not only that, he “was known to the FBI before the shooting and has a history of violent behavior, including a 2018 conviction for misdemeanor assault.” It looks like this is another of the ones the “Q-Anon” branch of the bureau was working with directly to groom into action on “Q.”

Rushing to grab the guns

There is no time to waste, Imperial Leader Biden insists. If they don’t disarm all the deplorables now there will be open gun-play in the streets, he suggests.

“I don’t need to wait another minute, let alone an hour, to take common-sense steps that will save the lives in the future and to urge my colleagues in the House and Senate to act.” Do it now while they have the house and half the Senate locked down tight.

Liberals don’t mind one bit that we used to have a thing called a Constitution which protected the rights of Americans to keep and bear arms. Now, we live in a post-constitutional open borders global government situation where allegedly “common-sense” gun control steps would “trample law-abiding, working-class Americans.”

It’s clear the whole scheme is nothing but an attempt to disarm conservatives in the long run. They just do it one tiny step at a time until before you know it, you find yourself climbing meekly into the railroad car.

The first step to disarm America is Biden’s plan to do away with “assault weapons” and “high-capacity magazines.” To do it, they change the National Firearms Act to extend the definition of “assault weapons” to include “semi-automatic rifles, handguns, and some shotguns.”

Most “standard” magazines would be reclassified as “high-capacity” because they hold more than ten rounds. The only choice for gun owners if these sorts of measures go through is either “surrender their property to the government or pay a $200 tax to keep each item.” That turns the scheme into extortion.


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