Fresh Report Shows Liberal Propaganda Machines are Crumbling from Within Now That They Can’t Find a Story to Cover


The progressive propaganda mill called New York Post reports that “CNN’s viewership has tanked since President Donald Trump left office.” Conservatives knew it was going to happen and now they gloat “we told you so!” The liberal media doesn’t have Donald Trump to kick around and they have forgotten how to write actual news.

Propaganda losing ratings

CNN was horrified when they got the latest ratings report. It shows that since Imperial Leader Biden seized power their viewers are tuning out in droves. CNN lost “nearly half of its prime-time audience in a key demographic since January.”

That’s a big drop from the “average of 2.5 million Prime Time viewers tuned in to CNN propaganda from November 4 — the day after the presidential election — through Inauguration Day on January 20.”

According to the latest viewership numbers, the rabidly liberal network “only averaged 1.6 million Prime Time viewers from January 21 through March 15.”

The only thing that changed is Biden and Harris took over. Liberal propaganda doesn’t get much interest unless Trump’s involved. The “8 p.m.-to-11 p.m. prime-time slot plunged 36 percent since Biden took office.”

Conservatives warned that the days would end when “Orange Man Bad” was enough to get ratings. Along with the prime time propaganda numbers plunge, “the network also lost 47 percent of the key 25-to-54 age group during that period.”

The progressives lost another third of their audience when they look at the total day views.

A boost from the riot

Over 1.7 million viewers watched the propaganda performances from November 4 through January 20 but that’s down to a mere 1.1 million since Biden took office.

There was a silver lining in the black cloud because they got a huge bump out of the riot which happened on January 6. The barbarian invasion was a goldmine of liberal speculation and the ratings numbers spiked.

According to the study, CNN’s “Capitol riot coverage helped boost its audience to 2.2 million total day viewers from Dec. 28 through January 20.”

Then the propaganda appeal did a death spiral the day Biden took charge. “that average has taken a 48 percent nosedive to 1.1 million viewers ever since.”

The network is headquartered in the Atlanta, Georgia area and they would have a chance to get more ratings if they would switch to a new flavor of propaganda.

They’re being criticized by their viewers for “refusing to cover Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s mushrooming sexual harassment scandal in light of the governor’s cozy mid-pandemic interviews with his brother, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo.”


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