A Thorn in Biden’s Side Until He Gets ACCOUNTABILITY


John Paul Mac Isaac publicly declared he will be “a thorn” in Joe Biden’s side until he sees some real accountability. The infamous whistleblower knows exactly what was on Hunter Biden’s laptop because he’s the one who repaired it. He is also the one who turned it in to the FBI. The bureau did their best to hide all the evidence but it oozed out anyway.

Do it yourself Biden accountability

The whistle-blowing computer repair tech who used to run a shop in Delaware, until Hunter Biden came along, is demanding accountability for the Biden family crimes. He personally provided evidence to the FBI, (since confirmed,) of all the sordid dealings with China and Russia. The bureau did their best to hide that evidence.

Once the more interesting parts crawled out on their own, the entire federal government was in on the attempt to discredit the TRUTH. Now, the only thing stopping a full congressional investigation is the outcome of another hotly contested “election.

John Paul Mac Isaac doesn’t care who ends up with control of Congress. He already blew the whistle. Since he had to virtually go into witness protection over it but isn’t seeing any actual results, he decided to step out into the light to trade his whistle for an alarm siren.

He vows to keep his face in front of press reporters and their cameras until whoever is responsible provides criminal accountability. People need to start going to jail over the entire collection of Biden family influence peddling and corruption schemes.

We also need to look into the way the evidence cover-up affected the 2020 election. The way a lot of Americans see it, Donald Trump is really the rightful president. That’s why he continues to have such a loud and obnoxious voice in civic affairs. The harder the liberal left tries to discredit him, the worse it makes them look.

The bureau bias, meanwhile, is on full display. Justice from the Just Us Department in America is so twisted and one-sided that it looks like a Möbius strip. Every conservative in the United States is standing behind Mac Isaac and demanding accountability with him. Some are even walking in support of similar causes because our elected representatives “work for us.” At least, they’re supposed to.

Forced to flee his home

Since Mac Isaac can’t make a living with his humble computer repair business any longer, he wrote a book to describe “how his life was upended after the public found out he had given the contents of the abandoned laptop to the FBI.” All he wants for his trouble is to see some of the accountability promised by our Constitution.

He was “falsely accused by Democrats of propagating Russian disinformation, and the bombshell news story by the New York Post about the laptop’s contents was infamously censored from Facebook and Twitter just weeks ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

Instead of the FBI pinning a medal on him for being a hero, they tried to make his life miserable and treated him like the criminal. He’s not giving up until there is full accountability of every single crime committed by Joe Biden, James Biden and Hunter Biden.

There is all sorts of email evidence, along with Hunter’s porn collection. All the sordid details of wire transfers to Russian hookers pale in comparison with messages arranging business conferences between Joe and our Chinese enemies.

Mac Isaac wants accountability for the exposed “government corruption at the highest level.” He knows all about how “the office of the vice-president occupied by Joe Biden had been selling influence and support to foreign nationals in exchange for money.

The FBI sat on it while President Donald Trump was impeached “over a phone call with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy.” The bureau bias is showing and they can’t cover it up any longer. No matter what the election results say.


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