A Preemptive Strike With the Truth


Striking first with the truth makes defending yourself against the lies a whole lot easier, later. Politics is a bloody battleground these days, especially for toxically male nationalists. One conservative candidate for U.S. Senate is so controversial that he’s under serious propaganda attack from the left. Eric Greitens was ready for them already.

The truth stands on it’s own

Fasten your seat belts tight for a drop down a rabbit hole in search of the TRUTH like one of those free-fall tower rides. Eric Greitens and his shotgun want to be Missouri’s next Senator. The New World Order would prefer that their hand-picked Democrat face off against Mark McCloskey in November.

McCloskey’s only claim to fame is waving around an assault weapon to keep Antifa® affiliates off his lawn. That doesn’t mean he would be good wheeling and dealing in Washington. Democrats think they can whip him.

Meanwhile, Eric Greitens disturbed the Democrats into panic mode with a shotgun, some flash-bang grenades and the truth in a primary ad. He isn’t some snowflake who identifies as a cat and uses a litter box in the corner. Greitens identifies as a SEAL and he went out hunting RINOs. Democrats in disguise are ruining our deplorable nation.

In response, the liberal spin doctors issued a buzz-word salad hit piece accusing him of being aligned with the enemy. It popped up like a mushroom out of the Deep State darkness and is obviously meant to sow the seeds of confusion. Thankfully Greitens was ready for that.

Back in April, an article with the truth of the matter came out in Breitbart. In a conversation with Matthew Boyle, Greitens told the audience all about the decision just handed down by the Missouri Supreme Court.

The one which ruled “Soros-funded prosecutor Kimberly Gardner must release communications between her and Soros within 30 days.” The only reason Gardner investigated him was “because he successfully defeated Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA rioters when they came to Missouri.

Liberal brain salad surgery

The obviously engineered hit piece is nothing but a hand-picked selection of choice and juicy buzz words thrown together with no justification or support. Greitens, the article swirling around the interweb with dubious lineage alleges, was in bed with George Soros, Bill Gates, and the World Economic Forum.

The way they do it is by “guilt through association.” It’s the exact same thing as saying anyone who banks with J.P. Morgan Chase is in bed with the Rockefellers. The truth is just the opposite.

The hit piece mentions “Greitens served on the Board of Directors of the Franklin Project, an operation run by the Aspen Institute, a decades-old organization that receives serious funding from both George Soros’s Open Society Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


They don’t back that up with a single thing. It’s like saying you support big oil if you buy gas for your car. That’s not Truth, it’s perversion and propaganda.

The Truth, Greitens laid out in detail last April, is that his friends and associates defeated Black Lives Matter™ and Antifa®. Along with that, “we showed George Soros, and we showed the left that they could be defeated. And what we now know is it right after that, that George Soros-funded prosecutor you just mentioned, Kim Gardner — she hired a corrupt former FBI agent to build a false case against me.

That case, the media was later grudgingly forced to report, “collapsed.” It was dismissed. The biggest problem for the liberal left is that Eric Greitens simply has way too much testosterone for any of them to handle.


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