Whistleblowers Office Raided


As she took the stage at Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium, Mesa County Clerk and Whistleblower Tina Peters’ office was raided by investigators from the Democrat Secretary of State for Colorado. Clothe the move as they may in claims of misconduct due to a whistleblower leak allegedly originating from her office released by ‘CodeMonkeyZ’ (aka Ron Watkins), this is a strong-arm tactic that smacks heavily of institutional intimidation from a Secretary of State already badly mired in charges of corruption. This is almost assuredly a tactic designed to deter future whistleblowers from coming forward.

“When I got on a plane to come see you folks and to talk to you out there, guess what they did,” Peters said at the symposium, which is being held in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

“They provided a search warrant and raided my office,” she added. “We don’t know what they were doing in there because for several hours they wouldn’t even let my chief deputy, who is the acting clerk for Mesa County when I’m absent, they wouldn’t let her observe what the Secretary of State and Dominion were doing in my office.”

A Raid To Intimidate Election Whistleblowers

The Office raid was conducted on the orders of the Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold (D), according to Colorado News Online, “The secretary’s order states that, “The posted images depict the BIOS passwords specific to the individual hardware stations of Mesa County’s voting system. These passwords can only be used physically at a voting system at the Mesa County Clerk’s Office.”

The order says the breach could be a violation of criminal law, and it specifies that “destruction of documents or evidence related to this incident may constitute a criminal act.”

Griswold ordered Peters to allow agents from her office to conduct an inspection of Mesa County voting equipment on Tuesday. She also prohibited anyone, including Peters herself, from using or even touching any component of the county’s voting system without Griswold’s written permission.

Failure to comply with the order, Griswold wrote to Peters, “will, at a minimum, result in the decertification of Mesa County’s voting systems.”

According to The Daily Sentinel, there are serious charges arising that Griswold is in fact responsible for the very leaked data that she is using to put the squeeze on Peters’ and Mesa County. It definitely fits the Democrat-Socialists’ M-O, and this isn’t just for Peters’ benefit but is likely designed to intimidate other election officials to remain silent.

“The Colorado-based U.S. Election Integrity Plan, a group that is trying to prove voter fraud in last year’s elections, released a statement Monday saying that it was Griswold, and not Peters, who is behind any public release of passwords into Dominion machines.

“Griswold has already proven her untrustworthiness as a public elections official with her illegal emergency rules declaration heard last week in a public hearing,” the group, which doesn’t identify any of its members by name, said in a press release Tuesday.

“Given Griswold’s tainted track record in office, her overreach in Mesa County raises serious ethical and legal questions,” the statement reads. “It appears Griswold’s actions in Mesa County could be a retaliation for citizens calling out Griswold’s unethical and illegal behavior.”


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