WH Secretly Brings in Obama After Harris Failure


Vice President Kamala Harris was appointed by current President Joe Biden as his “AI Czar”, tasked with spearheading an AI oversight program. But, once again, it appears that this was just another task that was far too complex for Harris and her team to handle.

That’s why the White House has now turned to former President Barack Obama for advice on how to impose a government regulation of artificial intelligence (AI). This development is concerning, as it further confirms the extent to which Obama continues to influence the Biden administration and its policies.

Biden announced an executive order designed to regulate artificial intelligence. According to NBC News, Obama had quietly advised the White House over the past five months through Zoom meetings with White House aides and direct conversations with tech companies.

In these conversations, he emphasized issues like “information integrity, bias and discrimination.” For his part, in a statement posted to Medium, Obama posed as a guardian of truth by saying “we’ve already seen what can happen when our shared basis of facts begins to erode.”

This executive order marks yet another failure from Vice President Kamala Harris who was tasked with leading this initiative back in May. Her performance at the AI summit in London was comically inept; she managed to squeeze several establishment lies into one rhetorical question: “When people around the world cannot discern fact from fiction because of a flood of A.I.-enabled mis- and disinformation, I ask: Is that not existential for democracy?”

It seems clear that if there were any doubts about whether or not Harris could handle this job before her speech in London they have only been confirmed now – and so has her incompetence as vice president overall.

While many may speculate that former president Barack Obama exercises more influence than most former presidents due to Joe Biden’s cognitive decline – either way it is clear that his worldview persists within the administration nonetheless.


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