Walmart Cashier Arrested After Attacking 70-Year-Old Woman Inside Store


The heartbreaking story of a 70-year-old woman who was brutally attacked by a 17-year-old employee at Walmart is one that needs to be heard and discussed.

PK Shader, a resident of Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin, was left with two black eyes after being beaten by the young employee following a verbal altercation.

PK Shader had innocently asked if another checkout lane could be opened since there were only two in use and both had long lines when Jazareia Velasquez, the 17-year-old cashier, began yelling at her.

When Shader asked to speak with the manager, it seemed as though they did not take any action against the young employee’s behavior.

Realizing this, she decided she would have to report the incident to corporate but didn’t see an ID tag on her uniform so pulled out her phone to take a picture for identification purposes.

This triggered Jazareia Velasquez even further and resulted in an attack that left PK Shader with two black eyes.

What shocked PK Shader most about this incident wasn’t just what happened but also how no one stepped in or tried to help during the attack – not even other employees who allegedly knew about Jazareia Velasquez’s temperament beforehand.

She was forced to call 911 herself and later reported that although she sustained injuries to her head and face from the attack, she did not require immediate medical attention.

However, PK Shader has been left disturbed by both the attacker’s behavior as well as those who witnessed it yet failed to intervene – can you really blame her?

Jazareia Velasquez was arrested and subsequently charged with aggravated battery against an elderly person as well as disorderly conduct.

Despite this however PK Shader wants people who may witness similar incidents in future step up and do whatever they can – whether it’s recording what happens or calling police immediately – instead of simply standing back and doing nothing.


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