The Death Of Obama’s Chef Has Become An Even Bigger Mystery…


Tafari Campbell, the private chef of former President Obama, tragically died during a paddleboarding accident on Martha’s Vineyard.

Since then, much speculation has been made surrounding his death as the official police logs from the night have left out certain details that could help solve this mystery.

The 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution ensures that all citizens are granted with “equal protection under the law”.

However, it appears that some people have access to more equal rights than others when it comes to this case.

According to Daily Mail reports, Edgartown police chief Bruce McNamee speculated that the reason for the call was not filled in due to an oversight or because it came through a business line instead of 911.

Furthermore, Jesse Watters said on Fox News that reporters were originally told that the call originated from Obama’s property which raises questions about why this information was changed and how accurate is our legal system.

At 8:23 pm rescuers met with an anonymous female who had called reporting Campbell’s drowning and stated she had two individuals with her going “back and forth” presumably looking for him.

Despite significant media attention around this high-profile story, authorities still remain tight-lipped about who this woman is and what her exact involvement was in all of this.

What we do know though is at time of incident Barack and Michelle Obama were at Martha’s Vineyard but not in their house while their daughters Sasha and Malia were also present on the island but their whereabouts remain unknown.

Campbell’s body was found 100 feet from shore at roughly 10 am Monday morning with no external injuries reported but toxicology results still remain confidential to date.

Massachusetts State Police however have confirmed that his death is considered non-suspicious so why all the secrecy surrounding such a tragic event?

It almost feels like crucial pieces are missing from this narrative which makes one wonder if there really isn’t something being hidden here?

It would be best if authorities just let all facts come out so we can uncover what really happened to Tafari Campbell rather than leaving us guessing forever whether justice will ever be served or not.


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