Walmart Announced They Are REPLACING Self Checkout


    Friends, I do a lot of camping with my wife. To me, it is the perfect way to take a vacation.

    I hate having to do the whole hotel reservation thing, making a reservation at a campground is way easier.

    The only drawback to it, is that whenever it is time for my wife and I to move to another spot on the journey is that we have to get groceries when we get to the new spot.

    Now, depending on where in the country we are located in a given moment, we might have to do our shopping at a Walmart.

    Let me tell you something, I HATE Walmart with a blinding passion.

    The town I grew up in had a Kmart for decades, and it served everyone fine. Then they built a Walmart twenty miles away and the Kmart closed down.

    Now if you want to get something, you have to drive a minimum forty miles round trip depending on where you live.

    Walmart has also been behind this ridiculous self checkout trend that overtook most of commercial retail.

    It sucks, plain and simple. Oh sure, it is fine if you have literally one thing. You have anything more than a couple of things and you are going to be in for an annoying afternoon.

    God forbid too if you have a problem scanning something, you have to spend forever finding the one person they have over in that area.

    However, with rising costs of everything under Biden taking hold in all aspects of our society, people have been using these self checkout stands to steal from Walmart.

    Listen, I don’t like Walmart one damned bit, but I’m not gonna steal from them.

    That being said, the company recently announced that they are going to get rid of self checkout in favor of something that say is going to be “better” and boy is it….not.

    They have recently launched something they call Scan and Go where you open up your phone and scan the items using your phone’s camera. Now, doesn’t this sound like them passing the cost of labor onto you doing it?

    What if I go into the store and don’t have my phone? What if I am in the middle of scanning things and the wifi goes out? What if I don’t want to do it because I am the customer?

    These are the things that Walmart is going to have to address in order for this thing not to be completely laughed out of the room.


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