Biden Freezes [Video]


    Watching Joe Biden attempt to speak to actual people is kind of sad when it really gets down to it.

    I mean, he can make a prepared speech that’s on the teleprompter. However, the second that he has to deviate from the script or improvise in any way his brain almost shuts down.

    I used to hang out at a lot of comedy clubs in my younger days and you would see comics like Joe Biden sometimes.

    Their material would be alright, but the second that someone got them off the path they wouldn’t know what to do.

    They would freeze up, and heaven forbid if someone heckled them.

    They would get this deer in headlights look and just want to crawl under a rock.

    And this was with people that were of fully capable minds too.

    Let’s face it folks, there are a lot of people that need to step in when it comes to Joe Biden. He’s not exactly in the best mental state and you can see that whenever he has to do something that isn’t carefully scripted and timed out.

    My sister works at a memory care center, and they often have the residents there doing everything at the same time every single day so that way they don’t get confused or feel lost.

    The problem with being the President of the United States is that no two days are the same.

    One day you might be sitting talking to a world leader at noon, and the next day you might be giving a speech at a factory at noon.

    So it’s no surprise that Biden doesn’t exactly have the ability to do the job when it isn’t carefully scripted out.

    Which brings me to a recent speech that Biden gave where there were some folks in attendance that decided to let Sleepy Joe know how they really felt about him.

    As soon as they started in on him, Biden totally locked up and began repeating the same word over and over.

    It’s something that more than a couple of my relatives did when they were getting up there in years and their memories started to go.

    It’s another thing that proves that Joe Biden needs to be out of the White House, and somewhere that he can be looked after.


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