Top Biden Official SECRET MEETING EXPOSED… Is This the REAL President?

Joe Biden

I need to take you back to something that Joe Biden recently said to stress just how serious this report is.

Last week, Joe Biden made a threat to shut down the entire coal industry in this country.

Just keep that in the back of your head as we break down this report.

Who is the Real Boss?

In October of this year, Billionaire Bill Gates made a post on his blog.

It stated, “We have to replace every single piece of infrastructure dedicated to doing things the old way with infrastructure dedicated to doing things in a new way — and that doesn’t happen instantly, especially considering the mind-boggling scale of the job.

“For example, there are currently 2,412 coal-fired power plants in the world, and that number is still going up.

“Every single one of those plants will have to be replaced.”

Gates is neck-deep in the renewable energy sector, including getting some rather significant investments from Joe Taxpayer for his pet projects, so he clearly has a vested interest in shutting down coal and pushing green energy.

Now, if I told you that about 24 hours after being confirmed as Energy Secretary, Jennifer Granholm had a private meeting with Gates, would that concern you?

When you couple that with John Kerry’s meetings with outside organizations that have skin the game, would it get your ears up even more?

The meeting with Gates was discovered via a FOIA request from Protect the Public’s Trust (PPT).

PPT Director Michael Chamberlain stated, “This is just another example showing D.C. as an insiders’ game for the wealthy and powerful, and regular people need not apply.

“With all of the media interviews and getting acquainted with the employees she’ll be working with, on her first day she made sure to make time for Bill Gates, one of the richest people in the world.

“And that wasn’t even the only time they met. It’s easy to see who has the real influence in Washington.”

Now tell me you don’t think Gates is helping to craft policy for this administration.


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