Tom Homan Former Ice Director Tells All, ‘We Warned Them’


“We warned them,” Tom Homan insists. Not only is the current crisis at the border the “worst that he’s ever seen,” it was also “totally preventable.” According to the former acting ICE Director, “the Biden administration was explicitly warned that if they ended the Trump administration’s policies, it would trigger everything that has happened.”

It’s a surge, says Homan

America really misses the good old days when Tom Homan was acting as ICE director. He actually acted like he knew what he was doing. He’s certainly not afraid to share his opinion.

He never got along real well with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the other day he ripped her to shreds over the Biden Regime’s out of control crisis. Illegals are flooding northward out of control and it’s on purpose.

His Wisdom Joe Biden and the Imperial Palace “knew exactly what they were doing, again this isn’t incompetence, this isn’t bad management, this is open borders.” We live in a one world government situation now Homan explains. “They designed an open borders agenda.”

The troops are frustrated. “Men and women of Border Patrol feel abandoned because they’re no longer enforcing the law, they’re just facilitating illegally entry at the instruction of the administration.”

AOC’s name came up in connection with her latest outraged tweet which declares that “calling the border crisis a ‘surge’ was essentially racist.” She’s been into the legal happy weed, Homan insists, and she’s way too high. AOC “needs to come down,” the border warrior invites, “and talk to the men and women who put the uniform on every day and stand in that line.”

They say it is a surge and they should know. “Look, the men and women of the Border Patrol say it’s a surge. The men and women of the Border Patrol say it’s a crisis.”

The real reason

Getting North America packed full of Central and South Americans isn’t the ultimate agenda. Every agent of the Border Patrol was listening to what Conservative Texas Congressman Brian Babin had to say.

Homan confirms the lawmaker was right when he said “these cartels are using these children or family units to throw them across the border and tie up their assets.” Meaning law enforcement assets. “40% of Border Patrol is assigned to the vicinity” but now they act as baby sitters. Meanwhile, “these cartels are moving drugs and bad people through unguarded areas.”

That, Homan warns, “is a national security crisis.” If sniveling radical communist AOC “can’t understand that or accept that, then she shouldn’t be in Congress at all.” As long as the kids aren’t in cages, Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t seem to mind seeing them wrapped in foil and packed up like a bin of potatoes ready for the oven.

According to Rep. Babin, “my heart just went out to some of these children in a facility there in Donna that should be holding 250 and they’ve got 5,700 people stacked in there like sardines.”

Homan is disgusted with the way the entire Imperial regime from Biden on down sticks their head in the sand to ignore the obvious. “This administration is telling us to continue to wear masks and only visit with just very few people up until July,” then, they turn around and start stacking COVID-positive children “on top of one another.”

After that, they release “them into the public to fan out across Texas and across this United States in the middle of a pandemic.” Does that sound like good virus management strategy? Or propaganda to advance an evil world domination agenda?


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