This Single Lawsuit Just Shut It All Down


All it took to shut down the “Bail Project,” funded by such woke celebrities as Danny Glover, John Legend and Richard Branson, was a single lawsuit. They were responsible for the release of the “serial criminal” who tried to murder a Las Vegas waiter only days later. They closed in “early December” for “restructuring.”

Bail Project in limbo

If you’re going to post bail for someone, it’s a pretty good idea to check their background first, the controversial California based reform group learned. They put up a “$3,000 bond for burglary suspect Rashawn Gaston-Anderson,” back in December of 2021.

A mere six days later, he “shot Chengyan Wang 11 times in Chinatown.” He must not have liked the message in his fortune cookie.

Gaston-Anderson ended up getting a deal. The 24-year-old was convicted of attempted robbery and mayhem, both with deadly weapon enhancements. For that, he was sentenced to 7-18 years.

His victim, “was struck by seven rounds in the attack at Shanghai Taste.” He’s the one suing the Bail Project, over “its role in releasing Gaston-Anderson despite his criminal past.

Mr. Wang is apparently not naming a specific recovery amount but the lawsuit makes it clear he’s not out to get rich. He wants what the jury thinks is fair, as long as it’s more than $15,000 per defendant. He suffered massive injuries and is lucky to be alive.

Along with the Bail Project, Wang also named his attacker in the suit and threw in “Shanghai Plaza owner US Hui De Real Estate Investment Corp.” as a defendant, for good measure.

Scars all over his body

Mr. Wang survived the attempted murder but “he’s got scars all over his body. He can’t move his shoulder over a certain height.” His lawyer, Kory Kaplan, considers it a miracle that the bullets “missed a vital artery.” He was “struck by seven rounds.

It never would have happened if the Bail Project had left him safely in cell where he belongs. No, they had to show woke “mercy” and set the impoverished miscreant free. According to the prosecutor, “In this case, we have an out-of-state national organization with little or no ties to our community who puts up the cash.

All they had to do was their “due diligence.” It seems that nobody bothered to find out if Gaston-Anderson was a “potential danger to the community given his pending and past cases.” He admitted guilt in 2018 for attempted grand larceny in Las Vegas. They gave him probation for a year-and-a-half but he didn’t make it that far before committing another crime.

The following year, he was convicted of felony burglary in New York and in 2021 he was convicted of auto theft in Illinois” The Bail Project either didn’t know or didn’t care. “In November 2021, he also was arrested for pandering and carrying a concealed weapon.

Despite all those crimes, Gaston-Anderson manages to evade confinement easily. On the November 2021 charges he “was reportedly released without bail and ordered to stay out of trouble.” He didn’t. He was arrested again the very next day “on burglary and theft charges.” That’s when the project got involved. “The repeat offender was then sprung from jail after the non-profit posted his $3,000 bond.

That exposed the fatal flaw in the liberal logic. “Normally when bail is posted, a cash bail, it is a family member or friend who is familiar with the accused. One can say, in a sense, they are vouching for the person. They are risking their own money. A family member comes forward, a brother, a friend, and if they put up $3,000 and this person doesn’t show up or re-offends, they lose their own money.


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