Leaked Documents Show What China Really Did


China has acted all sweet and innocent about the early stages of the Covid-19 contagion, falsely blaming any ill effects on the mismanagement of the pandemic by the White House. Freshly leaked documents prove the truth is the exact opposite. What Xi Jinping really did was mishandle the bioterrorism through “misleading public data and three-week delays in test results.” It isn’t one of those pesky conservative websites breaking the news either. CNN reported the leak Monday. Democrats are running for cover.

We know what China did last winter

Whether the virus itself has designer genes or is a naturally occurring mutation doesn’t matter. It became a weapon of international bioterrorism when China intentionally allowed it to escape into the wild, crippling global economies.

Xi Jinping knew early on that the financial cost would be outrageous and he wasn’t about to go down alone by locking it inside his own borders.

A brave and determined Chinese whistleblower, who “worked in the Chinese health care system,” according to The Hill, handed over “117 pages of internal documents from the Hubei Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention” to some investigators working for CNN.

Despite the fact the evidence supports the China narrative President Donald Trump has been relating all along, CNN reported it anyway.

CNN had the paperwork “verified by six experts,” before they admitted that the “region struggled to manage the coronavirus between October 2019 and April 2020.”

They point out that was “a critical time period in which the virus spread from China to cause a worldwide pandemic.”

It was not an accident

All along, China swore up and down that President Trump was lying when he accused the communists of “purposely” concealing information. Now that we know Trump was right since the beginning, CNN is trying to get in front of it as damage control.

They’re going out of their way to report that “the documents do not show an intentional withholding of information, but they do indicate that there were deviations between what officials believed and what they reported to the public.”

What they knew and what they said were two totally different things but CNN wants you to believe that was an accident.

For instance, on February 10, 2020, the number of cases worldwide broke the milestone of 40,000 and had everyone nervous. The world would have been a lot more jittery if they knew the numbers entered into a file in China bearing the label “internal document, please keep confidential.”

That same day, Hubei Provincial CDC told the world that they had “2,478 new confirmed cases.” They very carefully did not say that they also had “1,772 ‘clinically diagnosed cases’ and 1,796 ‘suspected’ cases.” They should have reported “5,918 new cases on that date.” More than twice what they did report.

China is using the standard criminal defense of “deny everything.” They won’t admit the sun rises in the east at this point.

The Chinese Communist Party has defended the nation’s response, claiming the government had always published COVID-19-related information in a “timely, open and transparent fashion.” President Trump and the American people have never been buying it, now there is proof to back us up.


  1. china MUST be held ACCOUNTABLE, they have destroyed our economy worldwide and they hid the truth, wouldn’t let in experts…THOSE OF YOU DEFENDING CHINA SHOULD BE SHOT for treason


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