THIS Dark Secret Was Just Discovered


In August of 2018, a viral video surfaced showing an exploration of the Great Blue Hole off the Belizean coast.

The site, which is roughly 318 meters (1,043 feet) across and 124 meters (407 feet) deep, has been a popular tourist destination since it was discovered.

However, this new expedition revealed something more sinister lurking beneath its depths – trash from human activity.

Billionaire Richard Branson had first reached the bottom of the hole with his team and their findings have gone viral as “proof that humans are terrible” as they became aware that life started to vanish around the 90-meter mark due to all the garbage lying at the bottom.

Items like GoPro cameras, two-liter Coca Cola bottles, and even bodies of two divers who were lost during a previous expedition were found scattered about.

Branson went on record saying that this discovery was “one of the starkest reminders of the danger of climate change [he had] ever seen” which leaves us wondering what does climate change really have to do with this?

Evidence suggests that it was formed approximately 14,000 years ago when massive climatological shifts occurred meaning any link between climate change and garbage is highly unlikely.

Even so, perhaps Branson meant to say that it’s a form “environmental degradation” instead but then again we can’t deny the fact that this trash could be seen as future archaeological discoveries with no clear impact on our environment or climate.

It’s true that we cannot ignore our responsibility for polluting our planet but one thing’s for sure – discarding items at random into holes like these only serves as proof for how careless some people happen to be, not necessarily humanity in general.


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