Things Get Crazy Black Lives Matter Stage Jab Mandate Protest


On October 24th Freedom News TV was there when hundreds of anti-vaccine mandate protestors, among them: conservatives and Black Lives Matter activists alike who were taking a stand against the vaccine mandate preventing Brooklyn Nets player Kyrie Irving from playing. These weren’t your typical low-level BLM protesters either, the protesters included prominent speakers such as “Hawk Newcome of BLM Greater New York, Civil Rights Leader Rev Kevin McCall”.

A unifying cause is an interesting thing, and it would seem that the Biden-Harris regime, which in spite of largely failing to unite the American people on their terms, could be uniting us against them. The intellectual diversity of the demonstrators outside Barclay’s Center where the Nets play in Brooklyn was incredible.

TheBlaze reported,

“The crowd of protesters was extremely diverse, with conservatives with American, Gadsden, and “F*** Biden” flags, along with Black Lives Matter supporters, and a woman with a “Vegan unvaxxed” sign.”

The NBA’s Vaccine Mandate Coercion

Week’s before on October 12th The Brooklyn Nets released a statement that Iriving would not be permitted to “play or practice with the team until he is eligible to be a full participant” in other words, until he submits to the vaccination. As if this wasn’t bad enough, The NBA later ruled that unvaccinated players banned from playing would also forfeit their salary. Meaning that if Kyrie Iriving stays the course, he will lose his entire $35 million salary.

FreedomNewsTV reported that as the protestors reached Barclay’s Center, things took a turn.

“Hundreds of anti-mandate protesters including Hawk Newcome of BLM Greater New York, Civil Rights Leader Rev Kevin McCall, and other BLM anti-mandate groups broke through the barricades of the Barclay’s Center before a Brooklyn Nets game. Barricades were thrown between security and protesters. It appeared that some protesters entered the building. Security and protesters battled at the entrance as they tried to enter the building. They kept shouting “let Kyrie play.” Referring to the Brooklyn Nets player who is barred from playing for refusing to be vaccinated against COVID19.”

McCall and Newcome addressed the protesters who then moved on from the building. No arrests were reported.

Check out the footage below:


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