They’re Convinced He Was MURDERED in COLD BLOOD


The family of officer Houston Tipping is convinced he was murdered in cold blood by fellow LA cops. The victim was investigating a rape and the colleague who was accused is at the center of his fatal training incident.

Deceased officer exposed gang rape

The Los Angeles Police Department claims that 32-year-old officer Houston Tipping “died during a training exercise” but there was a whole lot more to it than that.

For starters, he typed up a report on a fellow cop involved in the controversial “exercise,” accusing him of “gang rape.” The victim’s family hired attorneys. Tipping’s fatal injuries were caused by the cop under investigation.

It was supposed to be a “bicycle training exercise” but what happened last May was more like beating a rat to death for squealing. Tipping was the officer who took the woman’s police report, after she was allegedly gang raped.

According to the family’s attorney, “in July 2021, four police officers were involved in the sexual assault of a woman in the Los Angeles area. A report was taken by officer Tipping, and I’ve seen that report … the female victim claimed that she was raped by four different people, all LAPD officers.

According to lawyer Bradley Gage, “I’m certainly alleging that at least one officer engaged in an abuse of force.” It was done to scare or harm Tipping to prevent him from investigating the rape.

The lesson plan took an unexpected twist on the day he was killed. The training “was supposed to be bicycle training,” but somehow ended up involving a “grappling exercise.” The department admits Tipping was “possibly dropped” on his head during the exercise.

Beaten to death

Whether Tipping was dropped on his head or not, the attorney is convinced “the deceased officer was beaten to death by other officers.” The county Medical Examiner didn’t rule it out.

The death was declared an accident to let the department off the hook but the autopsy tells it’s own story. Tipping “Tipping suffered three broken ribs, a lacerated liver, head injuries and a broken neck.

The department has a sanitized version of what happened ready for court. Police Chief Michel Moore told the LAPD Board of Police Commissioners that “officer Tipping did not sustain any laceration to the head” and “was also not struck or beaten during this training session.

All that happened is “He did grapple with another officer, and both fell to the ground, resulting in a catastrophic injury to his spinal cord.

The family claims the exercise was supposed to “simulate a mob” attack. He got mobbed by angry cops. The officer died as the result of “intentional acts.

He had “subdural hematomas at three places on the left side and three places on the right side. There is no way that grappling would have caused those injuries the way the LAPD portrayed it.


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