They’re Given Sanctuary in Luxury While Residents SUFFER


Homeless citizens of New York City are jealous of the “tricked-out” tent village set up by Mayor Eric Adams for the recent busloads of illegal immigrants. “They’ve got Xboxes? Get the f–k outta here!” scoffed 36-year-old Baran Hines.

New York shelter hypocrisy

Mayor Adams didn’t want New York City to be seen as anything less than a gracious host to our new immigrant neighbors, so set them up with sanctuary in luxury.

What the migrants got is “a veritable wonderland compared to the dingy, run-down accommodations in a homeless shelter just yards away.” Xboxes aren’t the only migrant perk Brooklyn native Baran Hines is grumbling about.

Residents are “outraged,” the New York Post reported on Wednesday, October 19. Hines is one of them.

Since late August he’s been staying at the HELP Meyer shelter on Randall’s Island. That’s a high-rise merely 350 yards away which overlooks the shiny new tent city. “The building I’m in is so f–king awful,” Hines complains.

His New York City managed shelter is worse than what the migrants were fleeing from in Venezuela. “The smell is awful on every floor. The bathrooms are terrible with piss everywhere and s–t everywhere. There are flies in the bathroom. The tents look five times better.

He sleeps on “a raggedy bed with a hard mattress” and won’t eat the alleged food “because that s–t will kill you.” Most of the time he’s better off raiding dumpsters. “Once a month, if I recognize the food, I’ll eat it,” Hines relates. “But you taste some meals and you don’t know what it is.

Tent city for 5 occupants

In sharp contrast to the conditions described by the legitimate New York citizen, on Tuesday, city officials were grinning ear-to-ear as they showed off the “tent city’s rows of gleaming cots with brand-new bedding still in the packaging.” The buses stopped coming because Joe Biden backed down and started deporting Venezuelans again.

That means they have a whole city ready but only 5 occupants. Meanwhile, Mr. Hines is on the outside of the fence, looking in and drooling. “Migrants in the tent city will have their clothes laundered and folded for them,” Hines exclaimed. Shelter residents like him cope with washing machines that “are broken and need constant repair” as they cycle in and out of service.

The Emergency Management Commissioner for New York City, Zach Iscol was raving bout the three “culturally appropriate” meals of “South American fare” meant to be served to migrants who didn’t arrive. “The folks have already been providing food, which is great. Crews, including myself, have been eating it for the past couple of weeks.

Baran Hines begs, “hey, man, how about a taco for me?” Even the elevator in his shelter is a death trap. One resident was stuck in one for four full nights before rescued. “This guy sits in the elevator to push the button because the elevator is so delicate and breaks once a week or more.

After they get their three culturally appropriate meals per day, New York City migrants can “relax on plush couches while watching an array of flat-screen TVs or playing video games in a lounge outfitted with ping-pong and foosball tables.” When Hines saw the photos he went ballistic. He has a few snapshots from inside his HELP center which show “a spartan TV room with molded, hard plastic chairs.

Fellow resident Ricardo Charles had a few things to add. “Nobody really goes into the TV room because there’s just one TV so you can’t really choose what you want to watch and the chairs are uncomfortable. Other than the TV room, the only place to sit is the cafeteria. You can sit on the benches in the cafeteria. I have back issues from the beds. You can feel the springs in the mattress. The beds are uncomfortable.



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