They Suspended This Military Veterans Daughters


They’ve been playing this game for years. Schools and school boards have been punishing students and families with arbitrary regulations on students’ expressions of patriotism since the early 2000s. Students being suspended or even expelled is no longer unheard of, but it just doesn’t grab headlines like it used to.

Patriotism Gets Kids Suspended in 2021 Woke Schools

From the twin daughters of Phil Rolen: Kaidence and Abigail who made headlines in 2015 after being suspended from school for wearing Airforce logo apparel in what their father called “political correctness run amuck,” to students being suspended for wearing the Thin Blue line flag in support of Law Enforcement in Stratham, New Hampshire on June 11th.

According to Seacoast Online,

“In a Facebook thread sent to Seacoastonline, a parent of the child who wore the flag to school claimed her son had been removed from class for wearing his Thin Blue Line flag.

“My son’s education was disrupted because of the political beliefs of a teacher,” the parent wrote. “

“Superintendent David Ryan confirmed a Cooperative Middle School student in Stratham wearing a pro-police Thin Blue Line flag was singled out by his teacher this week. Ryan declined to comment on what the student’s teacher found objectionable about the flag, and if the student had been removed from class or just asked to remove his flag.”

The Superintendant Ryan said students were encouraged to wear flags “as a symbol of something they’re proud of” for the month of June which has been dedicated to “celebrating different narratives and identities,” he said.

“We are continuing to gather information about this issue as we were made aware of it last evening and it would appear to be the result of unintentional consequences,” Ryan said June 9th.

“To my knowledge, no flags have violated the student dress code. SAU 16 is highly protective of the student’s right to expression, hence the invitation and opportunity to wear their flag with pride.”

Thin blue line clothing is becoming more and more common, they are offered in Walmarts and Targets around the country and ordered from prominent brands like ‘Gruntstyle‘ or ‘NineLine Apparel‘.


The Rolen family in Texas were targeted because of the pro-military aspect of their daughter’s apparel. The twin girls, then 11 were told they could face “disciplinary action if they wore the jackets on school property.”

“These girls were born on an Air Force base so you can imagine my reaction,” Mr. Rolen told Fox News. “It’s absurd.”

Mr. Rolen and his wife are Air Force veterans who raised their daughters in a “pro-military environment.”

“I’m patriotic,” he said. “Military tradition is rich in our family.

Now under the Biden-Harris regime, in the culture of woke-ism, it isn’t about to get any better. We have to fight for our children’s right to express their love for their country.


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