The Ultimate Deep State Circle Jerk Show Starring OBiden


Recently, His Wisdom Joe Biden co-hosted a show with his old boss Barack Obama, along with half of Hollywood. Liberal Democrats threw a huge star-studded extravaganza. One where they all got to stand around in a big circle in front of the TV cameras to pat each other on the back, only a little further down. Like, below the waist.

A show to remember

Once it became crystal clear that all the people who wanted vaccines either had them or were scheduled, the problem became convincing the rest to get a shot. Imperial Leader Joe Biden’s handlers decided that what they needed was a big show to remind the sheeple to get with the program.

His Wisdom teamed up with Barack and Mike Obama along with half the liberals in Hollywood for a “Roll Up Your Sleeves” starry vaccination TV special.

By showing high profile personalities drinking the Kool-Aid and loving it, Dr. Deep State and his minions expected to lead the sheeple to herd immunity. Those who believe that catching the Kung Flu and moving on with life is the more practical solution weren’t watching the show.

Even NBC admits the idea was to “educate viewers, raise awareness and dispel concerns surrounding the COVID-19 vaccines.” Viewers being the key word because only progressives watch NBC.

His Wisdom Joe Biden did his best to read off what it said on the cue cards, despite one eye being a little squintier than the other these days. He didn’t have a stroke though, the Palace physician insists.

He got it playing with his dog. Joe read all about the importance of getting vaccinated in order to “beat the pandemic, protect loved ones and continue the road to recovery.” They didn’t even need to use the spray bottle on him through the whole show.

Dr. Deep State and friends

Charles Barkley teamed up with Shaquille O’Neal “to remind audiences that getting the COVID-19 vaccine is a crucial step for Americans to return to the activities they love.”

Except working or going to school or church or cruising off to the Pacific. The hour long show, minus commercial interruptions to fund those deplorable capitalists, there were “a mix of Hollywood, political and public health figures.”

Dr. Deep State, Anthony Fauci, was joined for the show by such top billing celebrities as Sterling K. Brown; Billy Crystal; Faith Hill; Eva Longoria; Jennifer Hudson; “Hamilton’s” Lin-Manuel Miranda; Matthew McConaughey; Demi Lovato; Joel McHale; Kumail Nanjiani; Ellen Pompeo; Lana Condor; Jennifer Lopez; Ken Jeong; Joe Jonas; Amanda Seyfried; Wanda Sykes and Jane Seymour. They all lined up to be shot one by one.

Walgreens was a big part of the logistics for the gala, noting that Biden “expected to announce updated mask guidance” as a tease. There was one subject which never came up once during the whole show.

Not a single word was mentioned about the pause in the Johnson & Johnson version of the vaccine. Those rumors of blood clots may be true but there weren’t enough of the cases to really worry about it, unless you happened to get that shot and don’t particularly care for blood clots.


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