Leaked Documents Show Obama Was in On it


Someone leaked some interesting documents to Politico about an FTC investigation back in 2012. They appear to document that Google was able to bend Barack Obama over like a sissy. Even the Wall Street Journal has reported on the ‘unusual’ depth of Google’s engagement with the Obama administration.

Obama belonged to Google

Eight years ago, when alleged Kenyan by birth, Barack Obama, illegitimately wielded power, his Federal Trade Commission had the perfect chance to reign in the all powerful Google.

The Federalist describes the corporate megalith as “the giant of Silicon Valley whose power now alters the free flow of information at a global scale, distorts market access for businesses large and small, and changes the nature of independent thought in ways the world has never experienced.” That pretty much sums it up.

The FTC backed down for some strange reason, in 2013. Despite “ample evidence of market distortions and threats to competition,” the five commissioners of the FTC “deferred instead to speculative claims by their economists.” The leak suggests that “the FTC did so while bending to political pressure from the Obama White House.” It doesn’t stop there. Old “Big Ears” was taking orders from above.

The Oval Office was “bending to political pressure from Google.” They chose the right word. Then Google CEO Larry Page had Barry politically bent over the Resolute desk with his pants around his ankles and was playing heads-or-tails with then-executive chairman Eric Schmidt. A report which came out in the Wall Street Journal “detailed the ‘unusual’ depth of Google’s engagement with the Obama administration.”

Experts state for the record that the FTC overlooked “what many experts and regulators would consider clear antitrust violations.” They were ordered by the White House to box it up and hide it in the closet. The technique worked so well it was used again after the stolen 2020 election.

“Evidence? What evidence? We don’t see any evidence.” Experts look at the leaked documents and call the “specificity of issues” that were spelled out “breathtaking.” It’s no surprise that “four of the FTC’s five commissioners voting on the Google probe were appointed by the Obama administration.”

The lawyers were right

The biggest thing that the leak reveals is that it’s crystal clear Obama ordered the FTC to accept the findings of the economists over their lawyers. History proved the lawyers were right all along which is why there is currently “an antitrust lawsuit led by the Department of Justice and joined by 48 state attorneys general.”

According to the lawyers, Google was illegally “banishing potential competitors” with a “series of exclusionary contracts on mobile phones.” According to the economists, “the market for mobile devices would fall in the face of competition from Amazon and Mozilla.” It didn’t. Also they claimed, “the mobile distribution channel for search was too small a market to be relevant.” Wrong again.

Another thing the Obama controlled economists did was fudge the numbers. They claimed that “Google only represented 10 to 20 percent of the referral traffic to retail sites,” which was contradicted by their own statements that “those numbers were unreliable.”

The attorneys had ones closer to reality. “Google’s referral traffic to retail provided closer to 70-90 percent.” The FTC economists have since been accused of making “questionable assertions” about Google’s dominance of the advertising markets.

While Barack Obama was squealing like a pig and drooling on his desk blotter, Google was smiling all the way to the bank. “One top executive bragged in an email that Google could ‘own the U.S. market’ with its exclusive contracts with major phone makers and carriers.” Like good Democrats, they socialistically shared the wealth and gave Barry a bonus for his performance. “In 2012, Google employees were the second-largest source of campaign donations by any single U.S. company besides Microsoft.”

Barry made sure to have someone from Google there to be serviced at any time. “Google employees were senior aides at the White House and Google executives served on White House advisory panels.” It appears that Bathhouse Barry was in bed with Google from the beginning. “On Nov. 6, 2012, the day Obama was re-elected to a second term, Eric Schmidt, Google’s then-executive chairman, ‘personally oversaw a voter-turnout software system for Mr. Obama.'” Hmm.


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