The Truth on How They are Molding our Future Elites Via ‘Decenter Whiteness’


Parents who think public school kids are being indoctrinated in liberalism don’t have a care in the world compared to what the elites face. Parents in high income brackets have to deal with total insanity. Journalist Bari Weiss wrote what insiders are calling a “a jaw-dropping long-form exposé.” What Weiss has to say about liberal “woke” ideology and the way it has insidiously infiltrated America’s elite private schools will stun you. Whiteness isn’t just being “decentered” it is being ostracized out of existence.

Elites are ‘woke’ or else

The extent to which “woke” ideology has infiltrated the private prep-schools where the wealthy elites send their offspring is astounding.

After interviews with “a dozen anonymous parents, teachers, and students” who are “connected to some of the nation’s most prestigious private prep schools” Weiss details how “indoctrinated” the children at these institutions are.

At the high dollar high-schools of the rich and famous, the children of political elites have to “decenter whiteness” or else. Even “physics looks different these days.”

At the Fieldston school in the Bronx, where the 2020-21 tuition was $55,510, they can’t even mention Newton’s name because he was White. “We don’t call them Newton’s laws anymore, we call them the three fundamental laws of physics.”

At the Grace Church School in Manhattan, their “Inclusive Language Guide” got them in hot water but nothing changed. They offer courses like “Allying: Why? Who? and How?” It teaches all about “the ‘work of an accomplice in anti-colonial struggle is to attack colonial structures & ideas,’ alongside a photograph of a burning police car.”

Elites with kids attending Harvard-Westlake at $42,600 per year have to put up with “its extensive antiracist plan announced this summer, included ‘redesigning the 11th grade US History course from a critical race theory perspective,’ among many similar goals.” According to their “pyramid of white supremacy,” genocide is at the top but it comes from a foundation of “two sides to every story.”

Teachers are terrorized

Teachers are terrorized into submission if they want to keep their well paying jobs. “Power in America now comes from speaking woke, a highly complex and ever-evolving language.”

To the elites, “fluency in woke is an effective class marker and key for these princelings to retain status in university and beyond. The parents know this, and so woke is now the lingua franca of the nation’s best prep schools.”

Just a sample of the newspeak that liberal elites use these days comes from the notice one Harvard-Westlake English teacher passes around each new season when she welcomes students back from break.

“I am a queer white womxn of European descent. I use [ she | her ] pronouns but also feel comfortable using [ they | them ] pronouns.” She also included a “self-care letter” quoting Audre Lorde: “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” Political warfare is now part of learning high school English.

The colleges are the big drivers of the trend. The Ivy league schools where all the elites send they next generation of movers and shakers demand “customers” who “are going to be pre-aligned to certain ideologies that originally came out of those colleges.” Even wealthy parents feel trapped. They want their kids to have the finest blue-blood education around but they have to accept liberal brainwashing to get it.

One parent “who fled a communist country” relates, “I came to this country escaping the very same fear of retaliation that now my own child feels.” Another parent adds, “The school can ask you to leave for any reason. Then you’ll be blacklisted from all the private schools and you’ll be known as a racist, which is worse than being called a murderer.”


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