The NAACP Was Protected by This Civil Rights Ruling, Democrats Want to Overturn it to Dox Conservatives


In 1958 the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of the NAACP against Alabama in a decision that likely saved the civil rights organization at one of its most vulnerable times. Alabama was attempting to force the NAACP to publicly disclose its list of members and financial supporters which would have made them subject to the abuses and persecutions of racists in positions of power as well as Democrat terrorist groups like the KKK who were being protected by the corrupt within the state and local governments.

The most central theme here was that the NAACP had no reason to trust the Democrat dominated government of Alabama which was thoroughly infiltrated by the KKK. Sound familiar?

First NAACP v. Alabama, Now Its Americans For Prosperity v. California

Fast forward to today, the state is California which according to NPR,  has a law “similar to laws in others states, that requires tax-exempt charities to file with the state a list of their large donors — a copy, in fact, of the list they file annually with the IRS.”. The situation today is very similar, except the organizations at risk are the Americans for Prosperity Foundation and the Thomas More Law Center two of the most prominent conservative organizations in America.

The fact of the matter is that California is attempting to force these two conservative organizations to disclose their list of top donors. Detractors will make the immediate claim that California’s law “requires confidentiality” and that this information wouldn’t be released publicly. But that is a very over-simplistic defense.

The facts in these cases are quite the similar in that conservative individuals and organizations have absolutely no reason to trust the Democrat government of California which has shown itself to have been co-opted if not outright infiltrated at the local and state level by radical groups like BLM and Antifa.

It Was Racial Bigotry & Violence Then, It’s POLITICAL Bigotry & Violence Now

Just as the NAACP had no reason to trust in the Democrat Government of Alabama. Just like the KKK, radicals of BLM and Antifa would seek to harm, persecute, “cancel” or even kill high level conservative individuals who may be supporting these groups in secret out of fear.

Instead of lynchings we see conservatives ripped from their vehicles and killed at BLM/Antifa “roadblocks”, instead of burning crosses: we see burning Businesses and “Autonomous Zones”. This is not a comparison to count stacked bodies, there is no question that Black Americans suffered far worse depredations under the likes of the KKK and the co-opted State Governments under Jim Crow. The horrors Black Americans faced spanned nearly a century after guns of the south fell silent.

We’re not nearly as far along in a similar process, but one would think we could learn from history. The NAACP fought valiantly against racist bigotry and persecution, groups like the AFP Foundation, the Thomas More Foundation and other conservative groups are fighting against the new evil that Democrats have unleased upon America: POLITICAL bigotry and persecution. Americans are attacking eachother today not for having a different color of skin or nation of origin, but for having a different set of ideals.

Kathleen Sullivan, attorney for AFP told NPR,

“If people couldn’t give anonymously to the NAACP in 1958, it might not have been able to make the advances for civil rights it did,”

“And especially now, the stakes are very high because the internet makes it very very hard to give to an unpopular cause and endure the retaliation and reprisal and threats of violence that may follow.”

NAACP Supports Americans for Propserity’s Arugment!

Sean Delaney, the former head of the New York state bureau charged with supervising charities gave the patent leftist optinion paraphrased to ‘how dare you’ compare conservative’s rights to the civil rights movement, when he said.

“The notion that this has any resemblance whatsoever to cases like NAACP v. Alabama is, frankly, an insult to the Civil Rights movement,”

However, the NAACP and the ACLU which BOTH filed a brief supporting Americans for Prosperity along with a staggering SIXTY-ONE other parties seem to disagree. The Ultra-liberal ACLU wrote in short that California cannot force groups to disclose this information because they’ve proven themselves incompetant to prevent data breaches.

“California’s assurances that previous mistakes will not be repeated is unlikely to persuade donors that their information, once handed over to the State, will remain confidential. The resulting chill to First Amendment interests harms donors, nonprofit organizations, and civil society writ large.”

“California cannot force nonprofit organizations and their supporters to bear the risk of the State’s demonstrated inability to maintain the confidentiality of sensitive associational information.”

That pretty much destroys Mr. Delaney’s agrument along with anyone else who screams ‘How dare you compare them to the NAACP and the Civil Rights movement!’ When the NAACP has done this themselves, legally, in writing.

The FEAR is just as real, and the DANGERS to those supporting conservative causes living in Democrat governed areas is just as real. If the Americans For Prosperity Foundation and Thomas More Law Center and other conservative groups are forced to turn over this information to States run by people who seek to stop them ‘at any cost’ then ‘leaks’ or ‘data breaches’ are certain to occur which will doxx and endanger their donors and members.

Just take a look at this video from Portland (Warning: Violent Content & Graphic Language) to see how real the fear is.



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