The Lies and Deceit Surrounding COVID


In the latest piece of COVID Panic-porn/propaganda Edward-Isaac Dovere makes an argument for The Atlantic that the thirty percent of Americans who are rightly hesitant to take an unproven rushed vaccine for a disease with a 99% survival rate will cost the rest of the nation billions. He makes the case that therefore, it is a fiscally conservative position that these people should be coerced to take the vaccine through vaccine passports and “Social Pressure”.

Dovere noted some commentary from former Obama Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius,

“As lockdowns are lifted, Sebelius hopes that vaccine passports will create social pressure, which might wear down hesitancy if unvaccinated people are barred from sports games, concerts, and other public events.”

The main thrust of the piece is that those of us who do not want to subject ourselves to an insufficiently tested vaccine rushed to production under emergency orders which has already had some serious side effect, are horrifically irresponsible people.

Jay Inslee, the Democrat Governor of Washington told Dovere, “he’s angry and sad that so many people are refusing to get their shots

He had the latest numbers: 15 Washingtonians had died of COVID-19 the day we spoke. More than 300,000 state residents who had been eligible for a vaccine for at least three months still hadn’t gotten one, including 27 percent of those over 65. Some of those people hadn’t been able to get appointments. Some may have been nervous, but would eventually get a vaccine. Some had just refused, and will continue to do so. Those people are “foisting [their] costs on the rest of the community,” Inslee said. “There’s a long, long economic tail of disease prevalence as a result of people who refuse to get vaccinated.” But, he stressed, “it pales in comparison to people losing their lives.”

A Guilt Campaign to Push The Vaccine

Let this sink in: Democrats are launching a guilt-based campaign with a nebulous financial justification. At least that was until a sudden Federal Alert was released, slamming the figurative breaks on the deployment of the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine due to a here to for undetected severe blood clotting side-effect. Some 15 million of the J&J vaccine have been deployed already and there have been six victims of the blood clotting side effect. It remains to be seen how many total fatalities will ultimately result from the single dose vaccine. It is doubtless a huge setback to convincing reticent Americans to take the vaccination.


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