Report EXPOSES Why Melania Has Dipped Totally Out Of Public View….


    It appears that Melania Trump has stepped away from the campaign trail since May, according to a recent report.

    Twelve of her former collaborators, campaign workers, friends, and other sources were questioned by The New York Times about why she’s not on the road with Donald Trump as he makes his quest for a return to the White House.

    What could be behind this move?

    From what can be gathered from The New York Times story, it appears that there are several factors contributing to Melania’s decision to step away from public life.

    It’s been reported that she still supports her husband’s campaign and is fiercely loyal to him despite not travelling with him on the campaign road.

    Her mistrust of mainstream media and strained relationships with former advisers and even members of the Trump family have also led many people to speculate why she’s kept out of sight.

    It seems like when it comes to politics at least, Melania isn’t one for publicity.

    She enjoys keeping the media guessing as to what her next move will be which might explain why she has avoided public appearances until now.

    However, this doesn’t mean that she won’t join Donald Trump at some point, after all, it seems like part of her motivation is keeping people guessing as well.

    Although we don’t know for sure if or when we’ll see more of Melania it looks like we haven’t seen the last of her yet.

    She still supports her husband’s campaigns and is fiercely loyal so perhaps eventually we’ll see them back out together on the campaign trail again soon enough.

    All we can do for now is wait and see what happens!


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