The Classified Iran Nuclear Deal


Imperial Leader Joe Biden finally allowed his Iran envoy to clue congress in on what they’ve been cooking up in secret for the past year. Get ready to pack those pallets of cash up again, Robert Malley advised the House Foreign Affairs Committee behind closed doors. While Russia and China throw gasoline on the fire, State Department officials casually admit that, yeah, the Ayatollah is already “enriching enough fissile material to fuel a bomb within a matter of weeks.

Iran going nuclear

For over a year, the House Foreign Affairs Committee has been trying to drag Iran envoy Robert Malley onto the witness stand, without any luck at all.

Suddenly, on Tuesday, February 8, Malley voluntarily walked in to their committee to give them a top-secret briefing. As infuriated Republicans demanded answers to a blizzard of questions, which he sidestepped, he dropped a few nuclear bombs of his own.

At his first ever Capitol Hill briefing, Malley “faced a flurry of questions from Republican lawmakers, outraged by the White House’s decision late last week to grant Iran sanctions waivers.

That clears the way for Russia and China to help them “build out its civilian nuclear program.” It’s not all that “civilian.” You don’t need bomb grade plutonium to generate electricity.

New York Republican lawmaker Claudia Tenney led the attack on behalf of outraged conservatives. She’s been the most vocal all along about questioning what Malley’s been up to with our enemies, in the dark, for the past year. Now that he finally gave a report, it left them with “more questions than answers.” Critical questions he needs to answer in front of the public in an open door hearing. Soon.

Before today, Rob Malley had yet to appear before the full Foreign Affairs Committee, either publicly or in private, to answer our questions and explain to the American people why sanctions are not being fully enforced on Iran,” she declared. “This briefing unfortunately left me with more questions than answers. While it was a start, it is still not enough.

Pallets of cash

Malley’s sudden appearance before Congress for a briefing now, “indicates that the United States is close to reentering the 2015 nuclear deal and providing Tehran with billions of dollars in cash assets.” As in those nefariouspallets of cash.

What worries the committee even more is that it’s “increasingly clear that China and Russia are taking the lead” to pressure Uncle Sam into caving in to the demands of Iran. What’s in it for them?

Iranian foreign minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian made a statement of his own in the Iran controlled media. As soon as he hung up the phone with “his Chinese counterpart” on Tuesday, he reported, the “Western side must make a serious and effective decision with regard to removing sanctions and demonstrate its meaningful departure from the failed policies of the previous U.S. administration.

Rep. Tenney isn’t going to let him get away with it that easily. “Rob Malley works for the American people, and he needs to answer to them as well,” she declared. “That’s why I’m continuing to press for a full, public hearing. On a matter as important to our national security as a nuclear Iran, maximum transparency is the only path forward.

A “senior congressional aide” nervously leaked that the “Biden administration is dodging Congress’s most pressing questions about the deal such as how much cash will be given to Tehran and what the hard-line regime will do in return.” A whole lot of cash for nothing in return is the prevailing guess. “It’s clear that this administration’s plan is to cling to the failed nuclear deal, despite the severe risks and Iran’s own bad faith and behavior.

Meanwhile, Blinky Blinken over at the State Department confirms that while the diplomats were sitting around the secret conference table, “Iran has significantly escalated its contested nuclear program” and “is enriching enough fissile material to fuel a bomb within a matter of weeks.” According to the unnamed staffer, the United States “went from a position of strength at the start of 2021, to one of total desperation today. We’ve said from the start that the hardliners in Iran are the ones driving this process and after today’s briefing, that continues to be our view.


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