Supreme Court Strikes Down Dem Power Grab

Supreme Court Strikes Down Dem Power Grab

The Texas Supreme Court has struck down an attempt by local Democrat leaders to blatantly violate Governor Greg Abbott’s ban on mask mandates.

While Republican Governor Greg Abbott is looking out for the freedoms of Texans, Democrats in San Antonio and Dallas are attempting to institute authoritarian mask mandates for children in schools.

According to the Republican argument, the parents deserve the right to make decisions as to what is best for their kids. The Democrat argument is that the government has the right to overrule parents and make decisions about what is best for children.

Despite the Democrats’ best attempts, the Texas Supreme Court granted stay orders on August 15th, temporarily blocking the Democrats’ mask mandates.

The Office of the Texas Attorney General celebrated the court’s decision in a statement on Twitter, which reads: “Today, SCOTEX has ordered Dallas Co and Dallas ISD to follow Exec. Order GA-38. Local mask mandates are illegal under GA-38. Let this ruling serve as a reminder to all ISDs and Local officials that the Governor’s order stands.”

Governor Abbott also sent out a tweet about the decision, dispelling the common Democrat talking point that Republicans are banning masks.

“The Texas Supreme Court imposes a temporary halt to lower court decisions that overruled the State ban on mask mandates. The ban doesn’t prohibit using masks. Anyone who wants to wear a mask can do so, including in schools,” the tweet read.

Despite the Texas Supreme Court’s decision, the Democrats in charge of Dallas ISD have announced that they will be violating the court’s orders by requiring masks for anyone on district property, as students officially returned to campus starting Monday, August 16th.


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