Steve Bannon War Room BOMBSHELL [Video]

Steve Bannon War Room Interview election voter fraud

A voter fraud whistleblower just came forward to tell his story on the Steve Bannon War Room radio show. After testifying that he might have delivered a truckload of fraudulent ballots to Pennsylvania, he was questioned and harassed by the FBI. Can these agents be trusted with this investigation?

Voter fraud election 2020

Earlier this month, a truck driver named James Morgan came forward and claimed he picked up several pallets worth of mail-in ballots and was ordered to drive them across state lines down into Pennsylvania.

“I know I saw ballots with return addresses filled out,” said Morgan, who claims to work for a Postal Service contractor. “Thousands of them, thousands.”

Morgan estimates the truckload contained approximately 200,000 ballots. He was told to drive them to Harrisburg Pennsylvania.

The mainstream media currently has Biden ahead by 80,000 votes in the key battleground state. If Morgan’s claims are true, it means the Democrats stole those 20 electoral votes from President Trump.

After Morgan told his story to reporters, the FBI came knocking on his door. They interrogated him and then asked how he hooked up with the Thomas More Society, one of the organizations filing lawsuits alleging voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

Steve Bannon interviews whistleblower

Steve Bannon: Are authorities coming to you and saying, “Hey we need to sit down and interview you?” What is going on with where these ballots are and what they are used for?

Jesse Morgan: You know, it is really funny that you say that. I’ve been interviewed, so I had a meeting with the FBI.

Somebody, the OGI or some agency from the post office and a few other people. So basically the interview, so here I am the witness basically gets kind of like interrogated I guess, you’d say.

Which is cool I understand that they’re doing their job. So I give them what I saw what happened to me, what I’d done. And what they wanted to do instead of focusing on the picture they wanted to focus over here and try to figure out how I came on TV. It’s really sad to be honest.

Steve Bannon: Hold it, they didn’t focus on the trailer that got loaded with ballots in Beth Page, New York… They wondered how people got to you and how you got on TV?

Jesse Morgan: Yeah, so basically this is just how it feels, Ok? So during the interview I can understand where they’re at.

The one gentleman is kind like mixing up my words. He didn’t understand what I was saying. I speak pretty clearly…

So I give them this information and then what they want to do with it is instead of investigating the information is to go and start harassing my family. Start asking questions of my family.

How did I get here or whatever? And I just thought it interesting where this gentleman’s investigation took him. Instead of going Beth Page, Harrisburg, Lancaster the next day is over here… That’s why I keep coming out because I’m not going to let this get swept under the rug. I’m just not going to do it. I’m going to keep coming out. I’m going to keep pushing.”


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