Squad Members DISGUSTING 9/11 Tweet… Such a DISGRACE!

Photo via MSNBC YouTube Video Screenshot

Leave it to the Squad to disrespect 9/11.

Once again, it was Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) paying tribute to terrorists instead of the fallen.

In her original 9/11 tweet, she used the death toll of 2996, which is 19 too high.

So Disrespectful

It has been a long time in this country since we added those who caused a tragedy with the victims’ death toll.

In this case, we mourn the 2977 souls who lost their lives that day.

Where did she get the additional 19?

Well, that would be the 19 terrorists that caused the tragedy…

She eventually took the number down and posted the correct number on her Facebook page.

However, she gets zero credit from me because she posted the same number last year and knew how touchy of an issue this was in this country.

Sorry, Jayapal, you can mourn terrorists if you want to, but real Americans and patriots do not do that.

But we also do not riot over criminals and thugs, which you also love to do… just saying.


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