Small Groups Working Together For Freedom


Small groups working closely together for freedom is the answer to tyranny and abusive government over-reach. Any effective response by We the People requires a “decentralized” effort which discourages fraud and abuse. Such an organic bottom up approach helps to limit opportunities for evil globalist forces of darkness to hijack and discredit the message.

Work together for freedom

According to People’s Convoy co-organizer Brian Brase, the key to getting our constitutional freedom back, through the lifting of the ongoing Covid-19 state of emergency, is major grass roots action at the state level.

He gave a press conference at their base camp in Hagerstown, Maryland on Wednesday, March 23.

Senate Republicans passed a bill on March 3 to “terminate the national emergency declaration for the Covid-19 pandemic.” While that’s a good step toward freedom, it’s far from a victory. It passed the senate by one single vote.

Because Joe Biden is a “schmuck,” he’s already promised to veto the measure if, through a miracle, it makes it through the House. That means a lot of grass roots politicking needs to be done. Our voices in congress need to be reminded that THEY WORK FOR US. At least two-thirds of both the House and Senate need to be behind the bill before it gets to Joe’s desk.

Republicans in the senate have shown that they’re behind the people. Powerful names on the Hill like Ted Cruz and Ron Johnson already have their two cents in on record, defending our freedom.

The House is a totally different story and that’s where all the attention of We the People needs to be focused. Along with calling your elected representatives to remind them they work for us, and should support the “Marshall resolution,” local groups need to physically rally at their state capitols and congressional representative’s offices.

Go to their offices

As Brase mentioned at the presser, Democrats on the Hill can make a huge difference if the folks at home work hard to melt their phone lines down. The way to bring “pressure at the state level,” Brase suggests, is “go to their offices, get the rally cry out.

Flood the offices with phone calls and emails. Go there an don’t go away.” We’re fighting for freedom. All our Republican representatives have to say so far is “be careful who you vote for.” They’re referring to Democrats but the folks back home are watching them, too. That message needs to get through loud and clear.

The whole key, Brase explains is “organized action at the state level.” That means “camp out at the state capitol to get the point across.” The danger of letting one organizer plan and run the whole show is that it invites the Deep State to sabotage things. One organizer running the show can raise a bunch of money and vanish or get in over their head and fall flat. Beware of scams and scammers.

If you start with your friends and neighbors, then coordinate with similar groups to do the same things at the same time and place, there is a lot less which can go wrong. The goal is preservation of freedom, not social media approval or massive amounts of donations. Politics isn’t a spectator sport.

Amateur organizers can do more harm than good if they try to bite off more than they can chew. They may be honest and have the best intentions of trying to secure freedom for all but they tend to “become overwhelmed and then they let it implode.” As Brase points out, That’s how we lose a whole bunch of supporters who could have accomplished a lot if given a chance by someone else who would have done it better.

If you want to organize at your state level and see another organizer doing the same, don’t compete or try to hijack each other’s platforms, communicate to both work together and include everyone. If two dates for similar events are planned, combine them to one. Even if that means finding a compromise date in the middle. America is meant to be a government of the people, by the people and for the people. That does not mean mob rule raw Democracy. We have a republic if we can keep it. The only way to do that is fight and fight hard. Not with violence but with persistence and honest, open, and peaceful communication with those who swore to uphold our constitutional freedoms.


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