James Comey in FULL Denial: ‘I Can’t Imagine that I’m a Target’


James Comey is sticking with his story even though it has more holes than a basic Swiss cheese. His full denial was on public display over the weekend as he boldly had the nerve to declare “I can’t imagine that I’m a target.”

Comey ‘faces the nation’ in studio safety

Disgraced FBI Director James Comey had the nerve to show up on “Face the Nation” but it’s a good thing for him that they don’t film it in front of a live audience. If he wasn’t safely on a closed CBS sound stage, the “nation” would have stormed the set and tried to rip him limb from limb over what he had the nerve to say.

When Comey was asked, “do you know if you’re a witness or target or have you sat for an interview with John Durham as part of the investigation?” He responded, “I have no idea. I’ve had no contact with him and haven’t talked to him.” At least not directly. That reply didn’t mention contact with Durham’s investigators, only with U.S. Attorney Durham himself.

He probably does have an idea. Margaret Brennan called him out on it too. Since Durham isn’t talking to him, “do you believe that then means that you are a target?” That’s when James Comey put his full “denial” defense on display. “I can’t imagine that I’m a target,” he smoothly declared.

What rock has he been under?

James Comey has been quietly lurking in the Deep State shadows since his removal from the the Federal Bureau of Instigation but he does manage to follow the news. He admits that he “saw the news report that John Brennan was a witness.” He insists he doesn’t expect to get splattered by whatever hit the fan in Brennan’s eight hours of grueling secret testimony on Friday.

Comey was smack in the middle of all the Deep State shenanigans. He personally announced that Hillary Clinton was to receive a golden “get out of jail free card” after his boss, Loretta Lynch was compromised when Bill Clinton cornered her on a Phoenix airport runway to “discuss” her grandchildren. He also allegedly suppressed the NYPD from holding a press conference to reveal what they found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. The one he shared with his wife, Huma Abedine, the Iranian national alleged to have a long-term lesbian relationship with Hillary Clinton.

James Comey was also (allegedly) up to his ears in the Obamagate conspiracy to wiretap Donald Trump’s campaign. Instigators under his command cooked up false information based on the fake dossier made up by Christopher Steele to deceive the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to issue a wiretap warrant against Carter Page, even though they knew for 100 percent certain that he was a CIA asset working to bust the Russians. That alone was “weaponization” of the Department of Injustice which makes Nixon’s Watergate pale in comparison.

Comey did in front of the cameras exactly what any professional public relations manager would advise, deny everything and say nothing. The whole Obamagate conspiracy, he alleges was “a bunch of people trying to do the right thing consistent with the law.” He’s “not worried at all about that investigation.” That’s because he’s depending on the Deep State to shield him from any repercussions. After the investigation, he asserts, “there will be an investigation of the investigation of the investigation. They just want to have an investigation to talk about.”


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