She Officially Breaks with Republican Party


For those holding out hope that Liz Cheney would eventually come back the fold, forget about it!

If Cheney had any supporters left in the GOP, they are gone after her latest stunt.

Cheney just endorsed Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) over JD Vance for the open Ohio Senate seat.

She’s Done

She does not like Trump… we get that.

But why endorse the other party, especially someone like Tim Ryan that votes the Democrat agenda about 95 percent of the time?

If you don’t like Vance because Trump has endorsed him, just stay out of the race.

Instead, she told journalist Judy Woodruff that if she was an Ohio resident, she would be voting for Ryan over Vance.

The funny thing here is that Vance only turned to Trump to win office.

He had slammed Trump before deciding to run for that Senate seat.

Trump even acknowledged this, stating, “He’s a guy that said some bad shit about me.

“[But] I want to pick someone who’s going to win, and this man is going to win.”

Vance once wrote, “I go back and forth between thinking Trump is a cynical asshole like Nixon who wouldn’t be that bad (and may even prove useful) or that he’s America’s Hitler.

“How’s that for discouraging?”

Yet, now he calls Trump the best president of his lifetime.

We need Vance to win, but call me cynical, I still don’t trust someone that does a complete 180 like that.

I am rooting for him to win, but I want to see him in action before I can put my full support behind him.


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