Royalty Declares The Country Cannot SURVIVE Without This One Thing…


Dutch farmers just got a big assist from King Willem-Alexander in their fight against World Economic Forum globalists. Queen Máxima joined him for a visit on Thursday with “disgruntled farmers.” The Dutch royalty were there “to hear their pleas for help as the globalist government of Prime Minister Mark Rutte attempts to institute EU-driven green agenda goals that could see up to a third of livestock farms in the country shut down.

King stands up for Farmers

The King and Queen of the Netherlands toured the Deurne region on September 15, “where they met with representatives of the De Peel national park.” The location was chosen because it’s one of the specially “designated areas that the government of Mark Rutte wishes to impose nitrogen emission limits on.

That’s a polite way of saying push the farmers off their ancestral land and build massive migrant-housing subdivisions.

The King was not pleased to see “dozens of inverted Dutch flags hanging on the fences surrounding the park.” They are there as “a symbol of the farmer protest movement against the green agenda.

Willem-Alexander made his views on the subject crystal clear. “The Netherlands cannot do without farmers. It’s not like, we have a problem and you have to solve it. It’s not us against them.

King Willem-Alexander knows that his food doesn’t come from the supermarket. “The appreciation has to come again and it’s nice to be able to talk with you here.

Dutch media are noting “the constitutional monarch’s words pleased many of the farmers present.” It’s about time someone started standing up for what’s right.

Wait until he corners Rutte

One of the farmers, Frank Rooijakkers, has a prediction he shared with reporters. “I think he will really talk to Rutte in The Hague” on their behalf. He had a chance to meet directly with his king, pointing out “I have a great interest in clarity. In June we were told that the nitrogen must be halved.

It is now September and there is still no clarity about how it should be tackled and that is not expected. We always have to think two steps ahead of political decisions.” He had a good point. They couldn’t comply if they wanted to because nobody knows anything about anything.

Pig farmer Henriette Driessen also “voiced her concerns” to the king. “We have been working on reducing nitrogen in Brabant for a while, but I get the feeling that we are only being pushed back.

Her pig farming colleague John van Paassen told Willem-Alexander, “you sign a piece of paper that you can never be a pig farmer again. That is very difficult.” They have been fighting since the draconian measures were dropped on them in June.

Since then, the king is well aware, “farmers throughout the Netherlands have staged large-scale protests with their tractors, blocking off highways and key infrastructure.” Prime Minister Mark Rutte is convinced that the Agenda 2030 plans laid down by his overseer, Klaus Schwab are carved in stone.

Rutte’s government has said that in order to meet the lofty goals, some farms will need to reduce their emissions by 95 per cent. The plans could see as much as 30 per cent of livestock farms forced to shut down.” Not if King Willem-Alexander can help it.


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