Republicans About to Deliver Damning Report on Joe and Hunter Biden


A pair of heavy-hitting Republican Senators are about to release a report on the influence Hunter Biden did or didn’t have on his father Joe Biden, and how much influence the both of them had on Obama’s Ukrainian foreign policy, just in time for the upcoming presidential candidate’s debate.

Biden report release on schedule

In just a few days, a report will be released to the public which sums up the investigation into Barack Obama’s Ukraine policy decisions, focused on the role of Hunter Biden and his seat on the board of directors at Burisma Holdings, a “Ukrainian gas company.” It’s expected to be released just in time to serve as the basis for a number of questions in the upcoming debate between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Somebody is bound to ask a question like was Hunter Biden addicted to alcohol and cocaine before, during, or after the time he was a well paid utility company director, or all of the above. Democrats are scrambling to “pre-spin” what the public reaction “should” be.

With only weeks to go before the final voting frenzy in November, the report from an investigation started by Senators Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and Charles Grassley of Iowa, both Republicans. They would have had the results out back in July except for all the foot dragging by their adversaries. Nobody wanted to submit to interviews or answer subpoenas. That didn’t stop them from forming some conclusions.

Democrats with knowledge of what went on behind the scenes are terrified that the report will reveal exactly how “Hunter Biden’s work impacted Obama-era Ukraine policy.” They expect Republicans to find “a conflict of interest given then-Vice President Joe Biden’s work in the area.” Liberal CNN admits that “Biden worked to oust Ukrainian Prosecutor Viktor Shokin.” They misleadingly state that he did it “to protect his son,” which is meaningless nonsense. He did it because his son was on the Ukrainian payroll and that’s what his employers wanted done.

Biden ‘not somebody we should be electing’

Senator Johnson advised that the report will speak for itself. “I think it’s time for the American people to see what we’ve got.” He serves as the chairman on the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee who conducted the probe. “What our investigations are uncovering, I think, will reveal this is not somebody we should be electing president of the United States,” he told radio station WCLO.


The Biden conspiracy isn’t the only Deep State shenanigans that the dynamic duo of Senators were digging into. “Johnson and Grassley are separately investigating the FBI’s Russia probe, ‘unmasking’ and leaks from the early days of the Trump administration.” They dragged in representatives of “Blue Star Strategies” after the “consultant” they subpoenaed, Andrii Telizhenko managed to duck compliance. They also requested “documents from the Treasury and State departments as well as the National Archives” for their report.

They did get a chance to interview “several current and former officials,” including “Bridget Brink, the U.S. ambassador to Slovakia, and Geoffrey Ross Pyatt, the current ambassador to Greece and former ambassador to Ukraine.” Democrats are going totally spastic and trying to control the damage even before the report explodes in their faces. “Chairman Johnson has repeatedly claimed in the media that he has uncovered new and damaging information about Vice President Biden’s activity in Ukraine,” Oregon Senator Ron Wyden argues. “This is simply not true. Nothing I have seen — not one bit of evidence — could lead to the conclusion that Vice President Biden did anything wrong in Ukraine.” He thinks the riots in Portland are “free speech” too.

Michigan Democrat Senator Gary Peters is convinced that “Johnson and Grassley could try to cherry-pick facts to paint a negative picture of the former vice president.” He fought to strike a deal. The “transcripts from the closed-door depositions” will come out at the same time as the write up. “Those will all be released at the same time. So you’ll have it, and you’ll be able to look at what people actually said and see for yourself and see whether or not what is in report actually jives with what you’re reading.”


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