Report: Violence and Destruction is Out of Control Because of Hostile Democrat Leaders


Violence and destruction are totally out of control in Democrat run cities because radically hostile leaders keep throwing gasoline on the already blazing fires. In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Progressive Governor Tom Wolf already signed the emergency declaration even before the Derek Chauvin case goes to the jury.

Violence expected nationwide

To the liberal progressive Democrats who have control of the entire show these days, Black Lives Matter but nobody else’s do. They all know that no matter what verdict comes back from the jury, there will be widespread burning and looting from coast-to-coast.

In the birthplace of American liberty, Democrat Governor Tom Wolf is so afraid of mob insurrection that he’s already called up the National Guard. Wolf is preparing for violence by activating “more than 1,000 members of the Pennsylvania National Guard to support local officials in Philadelphia.” Average citizens are on their own.

Democrats are taking the opportunity to remind all the Second Amendment loving deplorable Trump supporters that defending “property” is verboten because that’s nothing more than perpetuating the White Privilege stereotype of law and order.

The National Guard will be there to keep the rioters burning and looting dollar stores and phone dealers instead of interrupting welfare and minority service functions. Police have been so defunded they can’t even defend themselves any longer, much less protect the public from violence. The safest place to be is dressed in black with a BLM painted shield and an official Antifa-endorsed gas mask.

The city of Brotherly Love is already preparing for “protests” and the National Guard is only there to support the peaceful demonstrations which everyone knows are coming.

Violence is virtually inevitable if Derek Chauvin is acquitted. Even if he gets convicted, BLM won’t consider that good enough. They’re simply itching for an excuse to burn something to the ground after they loot it to an empty shell.

Joe Biden fiddles around

As the trial winds to a close with final arguments scheduled for Monday, the fate of America will be in the hands of the jury. Meanwhile, the Imperial Palace isn’t saying a word to discourage widespread violence and destruction.

With widespread civil unrest on the horizon, Imperial Leader Joe Biden is impersonating Emperor Nero and fiddling while America burns. He won’t say a word to contradict the Democrat fan base, even if it means allowing insurrection and mayhem.

According to Governor Wolf, “This declaration allows the commonwealth to take preemptive steps to ensure the safety of our fellow Pennsylvanians.”

He forgets to mention that it is the government officials who will be guarded, not the ordinary citizens. For them, it’s safer to be in the middle of the mob and causing the violence instead of being on the receiving end of it.

Wolf was crystal clear that the last thing the National Guard will be doing is prevention of violence. “National Guard duties in the city might include security and manning traffic control points.” They will also hang out to secure “critical infrastructure sites.”

You can bet that local pharmacies, cell phone stores, and mass merchandisers will not be considered as “critical infrastructure” and neither will police stations. Industrial grade fireworks and glass bottles are in short supply these days with everybody stockpiling.


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