Report: Mueller Team Freaking Out, New Details Emerge


A report just came out that has the witch-hunters who conspired with Grand Inquisitor Robert Mueller totally freaking out. Fresh new details just emerged about the way ranking officials handled their cell phones. When investigators demanded key Obamagate conspirators to hand over their rap-rods, what they got were a bunch of bricks.

Report suggests coordinated cover-up

Either Andrew Weismann, Lisa Page and other Justice Department bigwigs are total idiots, or they’re hiding incriminating evidence, maybe even both. Conservative Journalist Sean Davis of the Federalist got his hands on some extremely disturbing government records.

His report relates that high powered officials in Barack Obama’s FBI and DOJ had a selective problem “remembering” the passwords for their phones. It’s a lot more likely that the records expose a coordinated conspiracy to hide incriminating evidence.

As Davis revealed, “newly released DOJ records show that multiple top members of Mueller’s investigative team claimed to have ‘accidentally wiped’ at least 15 (!) phones used during the anti-Trump investigation after the DOJ OIG asked for the devices to be handed over.” The report notes the DOJ doesn’t give very good explanations.

It appears from the report that there are two different methods favored by the Federal Bureau of Instigation and the Department of Injustice for rendering a cell phone useless to investigators.

Both seem to be equally effective. Method number one, preferred by Andrew Weismann, Greg Andre, Kyle Freeny, Rush Atkinson and “at least 12 other officials who’s names are redacted,” is to put the device in “airplane mode,” then “nuke” it by entering the wrong password three times in a row.

Lisa Page and “other officials, whose names are redacted,” went with method number two. They all “claim to have unintentionally restored their phone to its factory settings, deleting all records of communication.”

There were ‘several dozen’ phones wiped ‘accidentally’

It wasn’t just one or two phones that were rendered useless to investigators, by the people who investigate phones for a living. “The records show at least several dozen phones were wiped,” one Fox report notes. Besides forgotten passwords, excuses included “irreparable screen damage, loss of the device, intentional deletion or other reasons.” More were destroyed than functioning when the IG got to take a look at them.

Michael Horowitz wasn’t very bothered by what he found. His report barely slapped the criminals on the wrist. “The OIG opened an investigation into possible bias in the origins of the Russia Investigation, but determined that the FBI complied with policies in launching the politically explosive probe.”

Other experts including Attorney General William Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham are convinced that Horowitz was out of his mind when he let the rats off with nothing but warnings. The pair launched a “a full-scale administrative review over what happened, which quickly turned into a criminal investigation after he reportedly uncovered evidence of misconduct.” It’s expected to bear fruit any day now.

As Sean Davis pointed out in his scathing report, the odds against so many useless phones are astronomical. It’s like hitting the lotto while getting hit by lightning as Yellowstone erupts. “What are the actual probabilities of more than a dozen top Mueller officials all ‘accidentally’ nuking their phones or accidentally putting them in airplane mode, locking them, and ‘forgetting’ their passwords so the DOJ OIG couldn’t access and examine them? Negative 100,000%?”


  1. This accidental elimination of evidence has a ring to it similar to the old “my dog ate my homework” story often attempted by kids in school. It didn’t work then and it shouldn’t work here, either. To me it sounds more like spoliation of evidence-clearly the witch hunt criminals thought they were going to be held accountable: they all hired lawyers and then they all destroyed the evidence of their crimes carried on their cell phones. Put the whole damned cadre in prison. Just to highlight their hatred towards Trump and their criminal inclinations, Weissman wants Trump to be prosecuted after he leaves the White House.

  2. What have “bulldogs” Candy Barr & Bull Durham done? Seems to me that both are more like “bullshit”.

    Have Great Thanksgiving & Christmas Holydays (spelling intentional) before the demoncorruptic party takes it away.


  3. Not only is this and so many other things shameful; it proves that these demonic people have absolutely no values, no conscience, no patriotism and do not only not believe in God, but do not believe that God is our Judge. I am praying that God will, by His will alone, perform one of His greatest miracles and put President Trump in office for 4 more years, at least; and that He will show just judgments to those responsible for the stealing and fraud and lies. Amen.

  4. Just when is all of this corruption going to end??? Why didn’t Mueller report this in his investigation report??? Was he in on all of this corruption, or was he just covering up for these liars, and stealers, & cheaters???? Either way this is a dereliction of duties!!!! He shouldl be brought before the Judicial Committee (and anyone else involved in this whole mess) and be made to give an accounting CORRUPT, CORRUPT, CORRUPT. AND it is no wonder that all of this election fraud went on; these people don’t want their dirty deeds to come to light – BECAUSE?? they don’t want to go to prison!!!

  5. This is old old “news”. The naked fact that nobody but a couple of very low-hangers has
    ever been brought to justice should make us realize that starting at the top with AG Barr, and
    everybody on down the line, no one is going to do anything to piss off President Beijing Biden and ruin their cushy government careers under the Democrats. The stench is nauseating even out here as far as Utah, brought to us courtesy of Rino Romney, who is groveling for a spot
    on Biden’s gang.


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