Petrified Police Set Illegal Blockade


On Tuesday, District of Columbia police set an illegal blockade, shutting down an entire interstate highway. The whole reason was to forbid We the People from driving non-stop through downtown Washington. The day before, officials closed all the downtown exits. The escalation appears to be continuing on Wednesday and every bit of it is caused by local officials trying to make the People’s Convoy look bad.

Police causing the chaos

From live coverage coming in Wednesday, March 16, thanks to the Sasnak stream, it’s apparent that the traffic alongside the convoy is flowing just fine, as the convoy pulls into the D.C. area. Meanwhile, up ahead starting at the Pentagon, traffic is already bumper to bumper, after unlawful exit closures by the police.

It remains to be seen if they will attempt to close freeway access again today. If they do, the convoy has been weighing their response, but aren’t talking about what they decided. Reports are coming in about a contingent of cars on the National Mall. Word is that they’re at the Washington Monument already.

Everyone associated with the People’s Convoy recognizes that individual police officers are simply following orders. Any beef We the People have is with the higher officials calling the shots. This is a clear and obvious case of over-reaction and the media simply ignores it.

Even the traffic reporters are talking about “rolling road construction” at every I-695 exit in downtown D.C. both directions. Not only is that inconvenient, it’s really dangerous and could turn deadly when unprepared drivers get lost on the freeway. Don’t try to do a U-turn into 80 MPH oncoming traffic.

As officially reported by the Washington Post, district police were “redirecting” the convoy onto the Anacostia Freeway “rather than allowing them to cross the Anacostia River.” The “pickups, SUVs and larger trucks” have been touring the beltway for more than a week now, then returning to base camp at the Hagerstown Speedway in Maryland for peaceful nightly meetings and rallies.

There’s an ever growing sense of community building in the encampment which Seattle’s anarchists could take a bunch of lessons from. They even pick up all the cigarette butts daily. Patriots all give a huge shout out to the owners of the speedway for donating the location.

Blocked with dump trucks

On Tuesday, the lead vehicles were greeted by “a dump truck blocking their route from Interstate 295 toward Interstate 695.” That forced them “to continue onto DC-295.

The powers that be made sure that “other off-ramps also were blocked by police.” As all that was going on, Co-organizer Brian Brase was sitting down with a contingent of We the People in Jim Jordan’s office. Brian really enjoyed his chat with the man who represents him in Congress.

The officials from emergency management unlucky enough to be stuck in front of TV cameras warned ominously of “demonstration activity” on roads. The activity was a tour of the freeway at as close to 55 MPH as traffic would allow. In order to keep things moving “safely,” police closed all the exits.

On Wednesday, the convoy just came to a standstill approaching the pentagon. So far, it’s shaping up for a replay of yesterday. The convoy is leaving plenty of room for local drivers to merge through their ranks as needed.

No matter what the police are ordered to do, convoy organizers insist that they’re “going to continue to do that route every single morning at this point because obviously it scares the crap out of them.

As Brase noted to Jim Jordan on Tuesday, the road blockages are “a violation of their First Amendment right to protest. We’re a very massive movement and we’re not going anywhere.” Not until our elected officials finally acknowledge, “THEY WORK FOR US!


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