Pelosi SNEAKY Move… One Last Dirty Trick


The Senate has already passed a unanimous piece of legislation to ban TikTok on federal devices.

This bill would easily pass the House, but Pelosi is going to try to play one more trick while she has the gavel.

Pelosi would not commit to putting the legislation on the floor, and now we know why.

Just Vote on It

When Pelosi was asked about flooring the Senate bill, she stated, “I’ll take a look and see.

“I don’t know if that will be on the agenda next week, but let’s see.”

On Monday, rumors started to surface that Pelosi was looking to add legislation to the budget legislation that most Republicans will not support.

Why is she doing this?

She wants to call out Republicans that reject the $1.65 trillion spending bill and say they are protecting Chinese interests because the TikTok ban is in that spending bill.

This is exactly why we need a rule for single-issue legislation.

This is all gamesmanship to have a talking point… nothing more.


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