Notice: Clintons Still VERY Involved, Here is What Just Went Down


Democrats are outnumbered in the scarlet red state of Texas but they’re convinced the Clintons can help. The only way they can prevent conservatives in their state from passing election integrity laws is to run away and hide. The Texas Democrat Caucus is cowering inside a Washington D.C. bunker and begging Bill and Hillary Clinton to run to their rescue. The elite liberal aristocrats jumped at the chance for some publicity that doesn’t involve underage children for a change and quickly agreed to a zoom meeting.

Clintons to the rescue

Texas Democrats are so desperate to keep the ability to rig elections in their favor that they’re turning to the Clintons for help. They think all that money in the Clinton family foundation can be used to pay for their opponents’ suicides or something.

Bill and Hillary agreed to at least consider it. The conference Thursday morning also included Stacey Abrams, a former Georgia lawmaker and failed gubernatorial candidate turned voting rights advocate.

They have been hiding for two weeks now and one of the renegades is facing arrest the moment he returns home for breaking his word. The whole insurrection involves breaking the “quorum” needed for the Texas legislature to pass anything.

Instead of doing their jobs as required by the law, they thought Kamala Harris could wave a magic wand and make all their troubles go away. When that didn’t go as planned, they yelled for help from the Clintons.

Hillary couldn’t wait to get involved. “Bill and I were so pleased to see the tenacity and determination of Texas Democrats firsthand today as they work to stop voter suppression in their state and across the entire country,” she said after the progressive pow-wow.

By voter suppression they mean limiting Democrats to one vote per live voter who lives in the state and has the legal right to vote. Democrats want to be able to vote again and again for the candidate they approve, even long after they’re dead. If they move, they expect to vote in every state they ever lived in, as many times as they want. The Clintons agree.

Protecting ‘their’ democracy

To the Clintons, meaning Hillary because Bill didn’t say much, and what he did say came from his boss, “the fight to protect our voting rights is the fight to protect our democracy, so we stand with them and applaud their ongoing efforts to ensure our citizens have access to the ballot box.”

She was sure to specify she’s talking about “their” democracy, as opposed to the Republic which Benjamin Franklin dared us to keep, seeing Hillary and her progressive cronies in his crystal ball way back then.

Stacy Abrams made sure to get on the record with some soundbites for CNN. She took some questions from the renegade Democrats and “urged them to stick together.” It’s a global cause she declares.

“I am proud of the Texas Democratic legislators who are fighting tooth and nail to protect democracy in Texas and across our country.” She recommends anarchy and gets away with it. “We all must make our voices heard and fight back against these laws.” Acting like children isn’t what our founding fathers intended but Abrams and the Clintons are all for it.

Afterward, they couldn’t wait to publicize it on Twitter. “The Texas House Democratic delegation couldn’t be more thrilled or honored to be addressed by Leader Abrams or either of the Clintons.” Gina Hinojosa from Austin tapped out.

The 50 Democrat insurrectionists are taking a paid vacation in D.C. until the clock runs out ending the Texas special session.


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